High-velocity scores from Gillies’ AP Physics C students


Shelby Foster

A student is working on a physics assignment. This year the amount of students taking Physics: C has more than doubled from eight to seventeen.

Brock Spence, Staff Writer

Last May, Starr’s Mill Advanced Placement Physics C students averaged a 4.5 on the AP exam, only half a point away from a perfect score.

“Typically your Physics: C kids are your top math and science kids, but I’ve never seen a 4.5 before and I’ve been doing this for ten years,” advanced placement coordinator Krystin Glover said.

Last year, the average score on the Physics C: Exam was 3.23. This year there was a 1.2 increase in average score. Glover and Gillies hope to use this momentum to offer Physics 2 to students here in the future.

“With Mr. Gillies coming on and having really good scores, we hope to keep building the physics program,” Glover said.  

Gillies is optimistic about the scores this year on the AP exam. “To see kids I’ve already had once, I know what they’re capable of and they know what they’re getting into, so scores should be better or as good,” Gillies said, in reference to the upcoming Physics: C students.