13 years of perfection

Graduating senior Michael Norton maintains perfect attendance for 13 consecutive years


Hayeon Choi

During Honors Night on May 7, senior Michael Norton earned recognition for 13 years of perfect attendance. The idea of keeping up perfect attendance developed when Norton received a perfect attendance award in first grade while attending school in Holland.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

Students these days think missing a day of school is no big deal. But what the students are forgetting is that in order to get good grades, to learn, and to get ready to live out in society, they have to first go to school.

One graduating senior from Starr’s Mill High School has accomplished just that — he has gone to school every single day for 13 straight years.  
When graduating senior Michael Norton walks across the stage to collect his diploma, he will do so having never missed a day due to illness, having never been late to school because of a long line at Chick-fil-A, and having never skipped a day for his own mental health.

“My parents supported my goal, but it was me who was determined to have perfect attendance,” Norton said. “They did not force me to go everyday. It was all me. I set my alarm everyday.”

Starr’s Mill High School recognized Norton’s achievement during Honor’s Night on May 7. In discussing the award, it was mentioned that Norton attended school in a different country in his younger years, yet still managed to get perfect attendance.

“Looking back it does seem difficult, but during the years it really wasn’t too difficult,” Norton said.

The first step toward perfect attendance started when Norton attended The Hague, an American School in Holland, for kindergarten and half of first grade. This school gave Norton the first idea of perfect attendance when he got an award in 1st grade for not missing a day of school. Keeping this idea in mind, Norton lived in Georgia ever since then, attending Braelinn Elementary, Rising Starr Middle School, and Starr’s Mill High School.

“It is a great honor to receive this recognition, and I am really proud of myself and the people who supported me,” Norton said.