Starr-ting off the school year with Leonard

Technology and renovation highlight beginning of new year


Shelby Foster

Starr’s Mill Principal Allen Leonard prepares himself for the 2018-19 school year. While on his computer he shows some of the school’s new technology elements.

Addie Ellison, Staff Writer

As the 2018-19 year kicks off, Starr’s Mill High School students have plenty to look forward to.

The renovations were obviously a huge part of what has changed at Starr’s Mill this year. “Well, a lot of what we have to look forward to during the school year is already here,” Leonard said. “We have obviously had our twenty year renovation over the summer so all of our students are entering a new school.”

On top of the renovations, all classrooms are now equipped with Promethean boards. This allows technology to be at everyone’s fingertips. “The integration of technology in the classroom is another great part of our 2018-2019 school year,” Leonard said. “Over the course of the year, what we should see is technology continuing to integrate into the classroom.”

All students have been issued Chromebooks for the school year. “The Chromebook is a tool. It is not meant to be a distraction,” Leonard said. “Once all of our teachers are trained they will be able to shut off all of the Chromebooks in their class with a push of a button.”  

Along with the technological advances, the science and social studies classrooms have purchased new textbooks that feature online listening resources. In addition, for the first time ever the school will offer the Pre-ACT. “We have done the Pre-SAT multiple times, but the Pre-ACT will serve 9th, 10th, and 11th graders,” Leonard said. Similar to the Pre-SAT, all sophomores are already pre-registered. Any 9th or 11th grade students wanting to take the Pre-ACT can sign up in guidance. The test cost is $20.