Test your luck in the duck chuck


Annika Pepper

The entrepreneurship class is selling rubber ducks for students to throw at a target and win prizes. The class holds several events throughout the year to have hands-on experience about the materials taught in class.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

The entrepreneurship class at Starr’s Mill will hold a duck chuck contest 8:15 a.m. on Sept. 19 in the gym.

Anyone who wants to participate can buy the rubber ducks at lunch, in the rotunda, or at the end of the 700 hall. The cost is $5 for one duck or $10 for a chance to throw three.

“I like this particular event because we haven’t done anything like this before and it’s something that’s new and they’ve made some posters, got people asking questions,” small business development pathway teacher Jeffrey Klein said.

The duck chuck contest is an event where students can buy rubber ducks to win prizes by hitting the target. While it is a chance for students not in the entrepreneurship to win prizes, this event is also beneficial to the ones in the entrepreneurship class.

“[Students] learn accounting principles as far as writing an income statement for this period. They learned marketing skills as far as how to get the information in front of their target market,” Klein said. “And then we called all of these local businesses for prizes, and [so] they learned business communication as well.”

Along with the duck chuck contest, the entrepreneurship class is responsible for other events, including the dodgeball tournament will take place after school in the gym and the school store.