Band members to experience ‘studio’ side of Universal Studios


Photo via Pixabay (FF16) under Creative Commons license

The Panther Pride travels to Universal Studios this November where they will play music from “Despicable Me 3.” They will leave Nov. 29 and return Dec. 2.

Addie Ellison, Staff Writer

This November, the Panther Pride marching band will travel to Universal Studios in Orlando to take part in a Foley Workshop. The Panther Pride will bring 50 students on the trip, though it is open to all band students.

A Foley Workshop is a studio that makes sound effects for movies. “We will be playing music from ‘Despicable Me 3’,” band director Scott King said. “We will be doing some of the sound effects, dialogue, and music from the movie.”

Assistant band director Bert Groover said that the band is going to Orlando to get a behind the scenes look. “The students will have an opportunity to perform and record music that is then synced with a movie scene so that they see how what they play interacts with what happens on the screen,” Groover said. The Panther Pride is going to see how the movie sound works and the magic behind it.

The Panther Pride will board the bus on Nov. 29. When they arrive, they will go to Seaworld. Then the band will explore Universal Orlando on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the band will attend the Foley Workshop before returning to Starr’s Mill.

“The trip to Orlando will help us bond, improving our performance on the field,” band member Jacob Head said. “Going to Universal together will allow us to work better as a team.”

This story will be updated once the band returns from this experience.