French exchange students experience the Bubble


Courtesy of Jill Snelgrove

From Oct. 27 to Nov. 7 the French exchange students from the Institution Saint- Joseph Du Moncel experienced life as an American in Peachtree City. Picture of the French Exchange students, Noémie, Enzo, Arthur, Quentin, Ziad, Naomie, Julie, Anouk, Lorélyne, Claire, Anna, Clarysse, Wenli, Léa, and Eloïse along with their teachers. Also in the picture are Brock Spence, Rommy Sierra, Nicole Sierra, Amy Garcia, Abigail Carter, Sierra Ramsey, Sarah Johnson, Sarah Goins, Maggie Simonian, Sarah-Ann Hamilton, Ava Laquian, Chad Evans, Tiana Whaley, Robin Huggins and Jill Snelgrove in front of the entrance to the gym.

Jordan Owens, Staff Writer

After many months of planning in the French Department, the foreign exchange students from the Institution Saint- Joseph Du Moncel arrived at Starr’s Mill High School on Oct. 27. Once here, they observed and experienced life as an American for a week and a half.  

“We had no control over what school we were paired with, though I am very happy with the way things turned out,” French teacher Jill Snelgrove said.

Snelgrove explained that in the program Starr’s Mill used for the French exchange program, they did not have a choice in the matter of whom they got paired with. Though after the careful decision the Mill and Du Moncel agreed to pair together.

“Everybody is so friendly here,” Wenli, one of the exchange students, said.

Courtesy of Jill Snelgrove
Starr’s Mill French exchange students with their hosts in French teacher Jill Snelgrove’s room for a welcome breakfast. While here, the students from France visited various classes and traveled to Atlanta to see some popular tourist stops.

Even before doing the activities that Starr’s Mill had planned, the hosts of the exchange students took them around. Most went around Peachtree City, and some even went to Atlanta. Some of the French students also went to buy Halloween costumes with their host for the American tradition.

“Peachtree City is so nice, and the golf carts are cool,” Noémie, another one of the exchange students, said.

Throughout the week and a half, Snelgrove set up fun and exciting activities for the French students to do. On their first Tuesday here, Snelgrove had a Halloween party for the French exchange students so they could experience an American tradition, and on Wednesday they went to Atlanta to visit the World of Coke and the Martin Luther King Jr. museum. 

“The World of Coke was fun,” Wenli said. “I got to try all of the sodas.”

Then, on Nov. 5, the exchange students went back to Atlanta, this time going to Stone Mountain.

“Stone Mountain is pretty,” Anouk said. “We rode on the Skyride.”

On the last day, the exchange students said their goodbyes. They talked about everything they experienced and loved while in this country. Some talked about the people they met, and the classes they got to go to.  

“My favorite thing in America is the food,” Enzo said.

Though for most of the students in the French classes at Starr’s Mill this is most likely “Goodbye,” for some lucky students it is a “See you later.” In the spring of 2019, fifteen students, along with the teacher chaperones, will travel to France and stay there for a week and a half.