Panther excellence at Clemson Poetry Declamation


Submitted by Shayne Thompson

Last Saturday, 25 Starr’s Mill students went to Clemson University to compete in the Clemson Poetry contest. Students competed in American Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

The Starr’s Mill foreign language students went to the Clemson 46th Poetry Declamation last Saturday at Clemson University. The students had to memorize two poems in the language they chose and recited it in front of a panel of judges.

Twenty-five students competed in American Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, and Russian contests. Out of the 25 students, 20 students placed in the language they competed in.

Students can compete in American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian or Spanish. This is the first year a Starr’s Mill student has competed in Russian.


Sign Language

Addie Metarko – ASL A (1st)

Sammy McElreath – ASL B  (1st)

Insha Dodhia – Spanish 1A (1st)

Olivia Price – Spanish 1A (3rd)

Derick Walker – Spanish 1A (3rd)

Thomas Allen – Spanish 2A (2nd)

Ethan Bang – Spanish 2A (3rd)

Daniel Stackhouse – Spanish 2A  (1st)

Anabella Ellis – Spanish 3A (1st)

Noah Ellis – Spanish 3A (2nd)

Caroline Carle – Spanish 4A (2nd)

Saijleen Chawla – Spanish 4A (1st)

Virginia Jackson – Spanish 4A (1st)


Nicole Sierra – French 3A (2nd)

Rommy Sierra – French 3A (1st)

Biankah Precious-Destin – French 3B (2nd)


Ivan-Anthony Destin – German 1A (1st)

Liana Jindra – German 1B (1st)

Emily Hawkins – German 3A  (1st)


Liana Jindra – Russian 1A (1st)

The university also added a new component where students can tour the campus. The students had an opportunity to see the programs the school offers while they wait for their turn to compete.

“It was wonderful. The kids did a great job,” Spanish teacher Shayne Thompson said. “Clemson did a great job. They are always very receptive.”