Panther Pride marching to honor Martin Luther King Jr.


Katie Linkner

The Panther Pride marching band performs during the 2018 Homecoming parade. Each high school performs in Fayetteville’s MLK day parade on a five-year rotation. The Starr’s Mill band will play “We are the World” to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s in this year’s parade held on Jan. 21.

Addie Ellison, Staff Writer

The Starr’s Mill marching band will participate in this year’s parade honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorates the leader of the civil rights movement. He used non-violent protests to portray the message of equal rights, no matter one’s skin color.

While marching in Fayetteville’s MLK Day parade, the band will play “We are the World” by U.S.A for Africa. The song centers around helping others and being united, which is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity because we only march it every five years, so no student will ever march it twice,” band captain Zach Garcia said.

The parade operates on a five year rotation, rotating through the five high schools in Fayette County. It was the Panther Pride’s turn this year. With each school only playing once every five years, no student has the opportunity to play in the parade twice.

“The good that comes out of it is promotion for our band program outside of the school, and more importantly, another opportunity for students to participate marching together,” Garcia said.

The parade begins at 12 p.m. on Jan. 21. The route begins on Person Street and will continue down to Winslow Avenue. Come out to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and support the Panther Pride.