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Signing off with KICs

Jenson Mahr

Happy Friday, Panthers! It’s been a fun five months writing the intros for KICs. For my last time, this week includes Gazan evacuation orders raising questions, a woman accidentally shot over a dispute, Kemp signing an increased spending bill, a Coweta County suspect stealing a police car, and Bannon’s contempt-of-Congress conviction being upheld.

World – Gazans evacuation orders raise questions

Gazans are leaving eastern Rafah due to Israel’s military issuing for all residents to evacuate immediately. The city has recently developed into the focal point of the Israel-Hamas war.

During the past seven months, Rafah has had over one million Palestinians flee into the city, where Hamas is believed to have regrouped after the destruction of the strip’s north. It is still unclear if the evacuation signals a prelude to the assault or not. 

The government has urged the leaders to make securing a ceasefire-for-hostages deal a priority. Some Israeli officials are hoping the evacuation orders in Rafah will pressure Hamas to change its position and perform a deal this week. 

National – Woman accidentally shot over a dispute 

On April 27, 2023, two men who had no connection to Delaware State University were outside the school having an argument that soon turned violent. Charlotte De Silva was shot in the head after one of the men fired and missed.

De Silva went to the school trying to visit a friend. Though she did not go to the school, she was thinking about it, but that will never happen. Police were called shortly after and the two men were arrested. 

Silva’s family have said that she had an amazing and kind soul, and she had a bright future but it was wrongfully taken from her. 

State – Kemp signs increased spending bill, eyes future tax cuts

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is implementing a strategy of increasing spending and reducing taxes despite a decline in state tax revenues. He plans to rely on the state’s surplus funds to sustain this approach.

On Tuesday, the Republican governor signed a $36.1 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, prioritizing pay raises for public school teachers and state employees, alongside increased allocations for education, healthcare, and mental health services.

With college tuition and other funds, the state will spend $66.8 billion overall. 

Local – Coweta County suspect steals a police car 

On Wednesday, police officers from Coweta County were led by a suspect who stole one of their vehicles. The suspect, Antavious Boyd, was handcuffed and still was able to take a police car. 

Initially, police officers pulled over Boyd after seeing him following another vehicle too closely. He was placed under arrest after officers learned that he had been driving with a suspended license. Boyd successfully broke loose of the handcuffs, sat in the driver’s seat, and fled the scene. 

The chase continued for a while, then Boyd decided to go on foot and one of the police officers  tasered him. Boyd is now facing charges for three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of fleeing to elude, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, passing illegally, criminal interference with governmental property, wilful obstruction of law enforcement officers, escape, hit and run, and colliding with a vehicle that caused minor damage to an elderly woman. 

Politics – Bannon’s contempt-of-Congress conviction upheld 

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon made his appearance at the New York Supreme Court hearing. There he was found guilty for his involvement in recent crimes. 

On Friday, a federal appeals court upheld the contempt-of-congress conviction for Bannon. He was the ex-advisor to former President Donald Trump who has been found guilty after failing to comply with the subpoena of the House committee. The court of appeals rejected many claims that Bannon made to the case, such as excluding evidence that should have been included. 

This is a continuing case that will have more information as it continues. As of now, the court continues to reject his claims on the case.

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