Celebrate math team, we have Pi


Saijleen Chawla

The number being expressed on the board is Pi, one of the most useful real numbers in math, specifically trigonometry. Because the Math team competition was on Pi Day, there was a scavenger hunt that helped boosting their morale and drive for math.

Saijleen Chawla, Staff Writer

On March 14, Starr’s Mill hosted the most recent math team meet, but this time it was a little different. Because of the date being Pi Day, math team sponsors invented a special event to pay tribute to the number.

“I think [the meet being on Pi Day] did boost the morale of the team,” math team sponsor Wendy Willoughby said.

In order to honor the endless series of digits, the sponsors created a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt started prior to the competition, and all the teams were given time to search for different Pi related objects, like songs incorporating circles and zip codes that physically used the number 3.14 in the correct order.

East Coweta High School won the hunt and received a pie in honor of the day. They were also one of the first teams to arrive giving them an advantage over teams who arrived later and had less time to complete the challenge.

Along with being the winner of the Pi Day scavenger hunt, East Coweta also placed third in the ciphering event. The Panther varsity math team finished in second place, with McIntosh High School taking home the win. “The Fayette County Test was more math team based, and that’s not our strength,” coach J.B. Campbell said.

Individual award winners from Starr’s Mill included junior Dalton Walraven winning second overall high point winner, and sophomore Thompson Cummings receiving third best overall.

“There was a tie for second, and there are tie breaker questions when that happens, and [Dalton] got the most right,” Campbell said.