Locked in

Starr’s Mill introduces new security upgrades


Bre Kozusko

One of the new security measures this year are electronically controlled security doors. “That will help us with greater security of the student body,“ Principal Allen Leonard said.

Simone Bates, Staff Writer

Here at the Mill, one of the obvious changes this year are the new electronically controlled security doors. These security measures have been implemented at other Fayette County schools as well as part of a countywide decision. 

“This summer across the entire Fayette County school system the county has been working to address some security issues based on recommendations to us by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency,” Principal Allen Leonard said.

The security doors were a recommendation from the county and the construction for them began last school year. The new doors have been placed in the entrance way of the attendance office, the front office, and the main entrance of the school. 

“The goal is to simply make sure we control access to the rest of the building,” Leonard said. 

In the morning, the doors will remain unlocked until 8:35 a.m. During school hours and at night all the doors will remain locked except during emergencies and drills.

Faculty will have access to a key fob that opens the door at the keypad. Students do not have any access and must wait for staff to unlock the doors for them.