AP seminar falls through


Bre Kozusko

Freshman Maggie Wilson conducts research on a Chromebook in Dr. Bonnie Stanford’s 7th period Creative Writing class. AP seminar would have been based on student learning and research on the Chromebooks, but plans for the new course fell through after not enough students chose to take new AP.

Abi Carter, Staff Writer

Starr’s Mill has an ongoing count of 23 AP classes, and AP seminar was going to be number 24. Unfortunately, plans for the new course fell through after too few students elected to sign up for the course. 

Assistant principal and registrar Krystin Hall is required to have a minimum number of students for the class to operate.

“We typically need at least 15 [students]. This was a first year course, so we probably would’ve gone as low as 11 or 12, just to get it off the ground,” Hall said. “Of the 13 that applied, only eight of them accepted, and we can’t have a class with eight kids.”

Hall believes the class would have made it onto schedules if all the students that had applied accepted the class. Since the class did not make, she individually emailed all 13 who applied and gave them the choice to choose an AP course they declined, or apply for a new class. 

“We definitely gave them the option of looking at other AP classes,” Hall said.

As for other APs, AP chemistry did have enough students for the class to make next school year. However, AP art history did not and will not be offered for the 2020-21 school year.