Falling into KICs

After a long first week of October, Panthers are ready to unwind and get ready for homecoming week next week. The new month isn’t all there is to look forward to this week. Our news writers have come up with a great new set of KICs. Murders, a local robbery, and news from the White House highlight the weekly recap.

Atlanta police search (Sept. 28)

Monday morning, Atlanta police said that someone randomly stabbed three people in southwest Atlanta. All three of the attacks happened minutes apart from one another. 

The police say just before noon on Monday two men, in two separate attacks, were approached near a parking lot at MLK Drive near Hamilton E. Holmes Boulevard. In the first attack, one of the two men was stabbed in the throat. Minutes later and just down the road, the second attack occurred on a third victim. The victims remain in stable condition. 

The attacker has been identified as a Black man dressed in all black, with a black mask and hoodie. 

Witnesses told Channel 2 that they have seen so much violence in the area that they’ve almost become immune to it. 

Chinese teacher sentenced to death (Sept. 29)

A court in the central Chinese province of Henan has sentenced kindergarten teacher Wang Yun to death for the March 2019 poisoning of 25 of her school’s children with sodium nitrite. As an act of revenge, she left one child dead and many sick in the hospital. 

After the children at their breakfast many threw up and some even fainted. One child died after spending many months sick in the hospital. Yun stated in court that she understood the dangers and consequences of sodium nitrite before poisoning the children. Yun also tried poisoning her husband in 2017 by placing sodium nitrite in his mug, and he suffered minor injuries. 

The court has ordered Yun to make amends with all the children’s families before she dies. 

Fayetteville CVS robbed at gunpoint (Sept. 30)

On Sept. 27, a man entered a CVS pharmacy on Glynn Street in Fayetteville and held two employees at gunpoint. Authorities claim that he entered the building to rob the store as employees were opening at approximately 8 a.a. 

Early Sunday morning, the robber entered the pharmacy and proceeded to act as if he were a customer ready to purchase an item, according to police spokeswoman Ann Marie Burdett. He revealed the gun he was carrying as an employee opened the register and had the employee give him the money inside. Immediately afterward, the man had the employees open the store’s safe and took the money from there as well, still holding them at gunpoint. The robber left the pharmacy after forcing the two employees to lie down on the floor, facing the opposite of him. 

Authorities have not yet released video surveillance of the robbery, but Fayetteville detectives are currently looking into the incident. They ask that anyone with relevant information contact them at 770-719-4227. 

Moderator of recent Presidential debate shares his thoughts (Oct. 1)

The moderator of Tuesday night’s presidential debate, Chris Wallace, says that he was somewhat “disappointed” with how it went. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were locked in an intense argument for all 90 minutes of the debate, and they often interrupted and spoke over each other.

In a phone interview, Wallace said, “debates are about revealing what [the candidates] think. You certainly gained an insight into Donald Trump and what he’s thinking and where he wants to take the country and how he wants to take the country there.” 

Both sides spoke over each other. Each was rude and obnoxious to their opponent, doing their best to get their point across to the audience. Despite this, both sides shared the plans that would be put into action if they were voted into office. “It may not have been pretty,” Wallace said, “but it was revealing.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates said that to ensure a more orderly discussion, they are considering cutting off a candidate’s microphone if the rules are ignored. This may bring more civil debates in the future.

Coronavirus takes over the White House (Oct. 2)

On Friday, President Trump tweeted out that he and his wife, Melania Trump, have tested positive for Coronavirus. The pair were tested after White House aide Hope Hicks tested positive. 

The President and his wife have both tweeted that they are feeling well, despite the diagnosis. Nevertheless, the White House medical staff will keep a sharp eye on them.  It remains unknown how they contracted the virus. Although the couple has started their quarantine, it is still unknown who else in the White House or on Trump’s campaign has been infected. 

Due to safety precautions, it is unlikely the President will travel to Florida and Wisconsin this weekend as originally planned. Likewise, questions remain if the Presidential debate set for Oct. 15 will remain on schedule.