School responds to Covid surge


Craig Bardo

As of August 19, a temporary mask mandate for students and staff was instated. For staff and students who do not have masks, they are readily available in the front office, the attendance office, or the clinic.

Craig Bardo, Staff Writer

For nearly two years, Covid-19 has plagued the school system. With the pandemic showing signs of resurgence in the form of the Delta Variant, Starr’s Mill is using multiple methods to fight back. 

To protect students, classrooms have changed from the general grouping of desks to a more spread out ‘graveyard’ formation. Principal Leonard stated that this change was intended to “[maximize] the amount of space…given to kids in classrooms.” 

Three-foot contact tracing is also in place, and required masking procedures have been implemented. Additional precautions include the removal of large group meetings, keeping good hygiene where possible in the school, and spreading awareness about the Covid-19 virus.

Faculty and staff being essential to operations at Starr’s Mill are also required to follow the same regulations. 

The current focus is to maintain “balance between student safety and educating our kids in the best way possible,” Leonard said. One way of doing this is not requiring vaccinated individuals to quarantine if they have been exposed to a virus-carrying individual and show no symptoms.

While these are the steps being taken by Starr’s Mill, all county protocols and decisions are being made on a school-by-school basis, with some schools within the county moving to virtual and hybrid schedules. 

As the Delta Variant of Covid-19 continues to spread, these precautionary measures will be fully tested. In accordance with the CDC, the advice remains constant to wear a mask, get the vaccine, and keep a healthy distance from other people in public whenever possible.