Mask mandate updated, masks now optional


Abi Carter

As a result of lowering cases, masks in Fayette County schools are now optional for students. However, they are still required on county-provided transportation, including the school bus.

Abi Carter, Editor

Yesterday at 4:15 p.m., the Fayette County Board of Education announced that the COVID-19 mask mandate in school has been lifted. Students and staff may still wear them voluntarily if they should choose.

The Board’s COVID-19 Task Force has been closely monitoring the numbers of local cases, quarantines, and worldly stats.  Despite the easy transmission of the omicron variant, there has not been a positive spike in cases since the return of students from Christmas break. In fact, numbers around the county have declined.

However, the federal face-covering mandate for transportation of students and the driver is still in effect, and all bus riders should wear a mask.

Fayette County is still going to use the modified quarantine strategy for contact tracing. Students can remain in school if they are asymptomatic and wear a mask for 10 days. It is encouraged to still be cautious and use social distancing, disinfecting, and hand-washing. Also, parents and guardians should make sure their child is healthy and monitor if they exhibit symptoms.