God save the KICs

Unless you have been living under a rock the past two days, you know the Queen of England has passed away. So after you are done crying that Camila is now Queen consort, take a look at these KICs. This week we have Russian-held Ukrainian power plants compromising safety, the police warning neighborhoods of phone scams, police grabbing a couple fleeing from a crime scene, and once again…the Queen’s death.  

September 6 – Russian-held Ukrainian nuclear plant compromises safety expectations

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine was taken over by Russia in the early days of the invasion. The power plant’s six reactors, which generate more power than similar plant in the U.S., runs the risk of meltdown.

Recent inspections on-site have revealed that the pressure of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is compromising safety regulations. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanded that the plant become a demilitarized zone to prevent catastrophe.

Two inspectors have been left at the plant to monitor the situation. The potential consequences of a meltdown at the Zaporizhzhia plant are far-reaching.

September 7 – Police warn neighbors of growing phone scams targeting all ages

Marietta police and the Georgia Attorney General’s office say that anyone can be targeted by cyber scams. There have been reports of scamming using information gathered from Google Earth.

Scammers use information gathered from the internet to hook people into the con, and they use this information to get into people’s heads with information that sounds accurate so they are willing to believe what is being sold to them.

The most common schemes are those involving past-due traffic tickets and warrants for missing jury duty. Police departments across Atlanta are trying to get the word out to raise awareness of these scams. 

September 8 – Partners in crime caught on the run 

What started with a shoplift turned into various charges and an arrest. Travis Smelley, 52, was charged with DUI, possession of fentanyl and drug-related objects, felony shoplifting, hit and run, felony fleeing and eluding, and a litany of other traffic charges. Natalie Dumitras, 42, was charged with the possession of fentanyl and drug-related objects.

The incident started around 2 p.m. after Smelley committed his first offense of shoplifting. A police unit moved to stop the vehicle, but Smelley got away. At approximately 2:24 p.m. the vehicle re-entered the city and was spotted by an officer at Crabapple Lane. An officer trailed Smelley and two Coweta County officers helped in the chase.

At 2:27 p.m. Travis Smelley and Natalie Dumitras were taken into custody. The officer stated that no serious injuries were reported during any of the encounters with Smelley or Dumitras.

September 9 – Queen Elizabeth II remembered, King Charles III ascends the British throne

Queen Elizabeth, the longest-ever serving British monarch of 70 years, died in her home surrounded by family on Thursday. A crowd formed around Buckingham Palace to honor the Queen, and on Friday afternoon a 96-gun salute, one bullet for each year of her life, honored her passing. 

King Charles is expected to officially be proclaimed as ruling monarch in St. James’s Palace on Saturday. King Charles was the firstborn son of the passed queen and immediately became the king upon her death. 

Queen Elizabeth will be missed. Her legacy will be honored for many years to come, as celebrations and memorials take place around the world.