Hard week full of headlines

This week, students experienced arguably one of the hardest weeks of the year. Almost every class in Starr’s Mill had a test at the beginning of the week and used the rest of the week to begin preparing for exams. Although the stress among students built up throughout the week, the end of the week gave students a taste of the upcoming winter break. With a dog returned home, a horse stuck in a road barrier, and a man attacked by an alligator, The Prowler has the stories. 

Double homicide in Peachtree City (12/9) 

Johnny Edwards, 34, has been charged with killing his wife and mother at their Highgrove home. The cause of death and murder weapons have not been released by the police department yet. On Dec. 7, at approximately 2:29 p.m., the police responded to a domestic dispute at a residence on Coventry Court in the Highgrove subdivision. 

Edwards had been a three-year starter on the varsity football team at Starr’s Mill High School and was in Georgia’s top 50 football players in 2003. He was also on the honor roll and the principal’s list. 

Edwards had been the one to call the police and told them what happened and turned himself in. Edwards has now been charged with two counts of murder. The police still are not aware of why he did it but are working to get answers from him soon. 

Dog taken in a carjacking is returned home (12/10)

Last Thursday, a 74-year-old Dekalb county resident was violently beaten and carjacked at a Chevron gas station off of Gresham Road. The victim, whose identity has not been released, not only lost her 2017 Nissan Rogue and received severe damage to the face, but also had her dog taken away from her.

While the car remains missing, today Candace Thompason, who lives in southwest Atlanta, was able to find the victim’s dog. As a result, Daphne, the victim’s furry friend, was turned over to authorities and brought home.

Even though Daphne has been found and the victim is on her way to recovery, the assailants are still living and free. If anyone should see a red 2017 Nissan Rogue with a tag of CHU19378, please call the Dekalb Police Department Investigation Unit at (404) 286-7990.

Trump pays $2 million over misused charity funds (12/11)

Last month, a New York judge ordered President Trump to pay $2 million in damage for misusing funds in a tax-exempt charity. Trump has illegally used funds to buy portraits of himself, boost his 2016 campaign, and for his business’ legal obligations. The president had been sued back in 2018 by the New York attorney general. 

The original money was split between eight charities, including Army Emergency Relief and City Meals-on-Wheels. Trump agreed to distribute the remaining $1.8 million between the eight charities giving $476,140.41 in total.

 In 1987, Trump started the Donald J. Trump foundation to give away proceeds from his book “The Art of the Deal” to charities. In the 2000s, Trump began to use the funds to benefit his own personal needs.

Man eaten by alligator but died from meth (12/12)

An autopsy of Michael Ford, a Florida man, revealed that he died from a methamphetamine overdose rather than the previously believed cause of death, which was being eaten half-way by an alligator.  

Found on someone’s personal property in Polk County, Florida, Ford was discovered half-eaten inside an alligator’s mouth early in June of this year. The man’s body displayed evidence that indicated that he had drowned due to his intoxication. 

In addition to this evidence, his skin had several lacerations across it from the alligator’s teeth and sharp claws. The alligator attack was reported to have happened after the man had already died. 

Horse gets stuck in road barrier (12/13)

On Wednesday afternoon, a horse escaped from its pen and ran away from the farm where it had lived. While running away, the horse ended up getting its hoof stuck in a road barrier in Houghton, Britain.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Systems responded to the scene to free the horse and return it to its farm. They sedated the horse to move it while they removed its hoof from the road barrier. The firefighters used a limb hook to separate the barriers.

The horse was not severely injured during or after they removed him. The only action that the veterinarians had to do was stitch up a minor cut that was found on the horse’s side, near its ribs.