Football, friends, and KICs

Well, Panthers, after fall break last week, this week has felt endless. To celebrate, support your fellow Panthers at the football game versus Whitewater tonight! But if you’re like me and want to snuggle up in bed instead, here are some KICs to keep you company. This week we have a new Chinese law, the Georgia government boosting childcare, a crazed man arrested in Fayette County, the State Department facing criticism for celebrating International Pronouns Day, and Biden’s claim to defend Taiwan from attack.

October 18 – New China law could punish parents for their child’s crimes

Parents of children who misbehave or commit crimes according to Chinese law could soon be punished by the Chinese government. Along with being punished, they could be ordered to go through multiple family guidance programs. 

This draft of the Family Education Promotion bill, which began to take effect in China on January 1 of 2016, also urges parents to not show signs of violence or inappropriate behavior in front of their children to prevent the kids from misbehaving or committing crimes. China is done blaming the kids for their actions, and has now turned to blaming the environment they live in. Now, kids video games, playing, schoolwork, TV, and use of the internet is also time-limited per day. 

The Chinese government will review the draft of the bill this week, and eventually decide whether to take it into effect. 

October 19 – Georgia boosts childcare 

Georgia is increasing payment rates to childcare centers and adding 10,000 more children to centers that subsidize child-care for lower-income communities. The state Department of Early Care and Learning announced the budget of $267 million for this project, coming from COVID-19 relief funds.

The state of Georgia is raising the eligibility for childcare programs from 50% median of the state’s income to 85%. Theoretically, a family of four making up to $72,124 annually could qualify. Below the limit, impoverished kids are still prioritized in Georgia. However, the department raised the line of low income to 1.5 times the federal poverty level.

The new department spending is designed to expand access to care while still helping providers pay for improvements and coronavirus financial loss. 

October 20 – Crazed man with gun arrested in Fayette County

A female business owner was assaulted by the father of her children while doing business with a customer on October 17. The criminal, Andrew Shields, fled the scene before police arrived. 

The female business owner was in the process of selling a refrigerator when Shields showed up with a gun in his hand. The woman explained that she was just selling a fridge and then Shields grabbed the woman and pointed the gun at her head. The man ran into the store and both the customer and the woman ran away to separate stores. 

Shields, who was caught a day after the incident, is being charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, and battery-family violence. The victims escaped without any injury. 

October 21  – State Department celebrates International Pronouns Day, faces criticism 

The U.S. State Department celebrated International Pronouns Day by sharing tweets and information on their social media. However, several lawmakers criticized the Department given other events that were occurring around the world.

Some asked the Department what they were doing about Americans stranded in Afghanistan. Others offered criticism regarding the U.S. being caught off guard by China launching a hypersonic missile. 

The State Department’s tweet was intended to encourage an understanding of gender-related pronouns that people often attach to their social media accounts. The tweet the Department posted gave further explanation by providing examples of the progressive language.

October 22- China says there’s ‘no room for compromise’ after Biden claims to protect Taiwan

At the CNN town hall last night, Biden stated he would defend Taiwan from any attacks. The Chinese Foreign Ministry says there’s “no room for compromise,” referencing their territorial claims on Taiwan.

The bickering between the U.S. and China started a few weeks ago, when China boosted their propaganda against Taiwan and the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan. Biden addressed the matter, saying the United States has one of the most powerful militaries in world history, so we should not worry about power. What we should be worrying about is China actually making a move which will make them regret their decision.

The Chinese foreign ministry spoke on this, saying no one should underestimate the power of their people who have a lot of integrity and passion to get what they want. Biden stated he will stick to his word, and protect Taiwan at all costs.