Full of KICs

It finally happened. For the first time this semester, we finished a full week of school. If you are anything like me, it felt like the longest week of your life. While you are catching up on sleep after this long week, take a look at this week’s KICs. This week we have a missile attack, a Georgia pastor and his wife imprisoning people in their basement, the update on the guy who paid his employee in pennies, a hiker dying after a photo attempt, and President Biden visiting a collapsed bridge in Pittsburgh.

January 24 – Houthi Missile Attack Intercepted by U.S.

Two ballistic missiles fired by Yemen’s Houthi Rebels were intercepted by The United Arab Emirates and the U.S. Military early today. This attack has escalated tensions along the Persian Gulf, which has since undergone a series of assaults.

This is partially because of the collapse of Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers, and has only been further fueled by Yemen’s years-long war. Recently, Abu Dhabi has received numerous assaults in the surrounding area but have never had a strike that is indisputably on Emirati soil. 

Around 2,000 American troops that were taking shelter in the nearby Dhafra Air Base launched Patriot missiles as a rare return of fire. For years the country has marketed itself as a safe corner in an otherwise dangerous neighborhood, but the recent attacks have threatened business-friendly, tourist-focused efforts of the Emirates.

January 25 – Georgia pastor and wife charged for imprisoning multiple people in basement

Pastor Curtis Keith Bankston and his wife Sophia Simms-Bankston imprisoned mentally and physically disabled people in the basement of their leased residence for over a year in Griffin.

Pastor Bankston and his wife have been keeping and hiding other people in their leased residence for more than a year. The police found eight mentally and physically disabled people in the basement. On January 13, the emergency crews traveled to Bankston’s property to assist someone having a seizure. When they found the basement, they had to enter through a window, where they found the people.

The victims were relocated and are getting proper care. On the other hand, Bankston and his wife could soon be facing more charges.

January 26 –  Shop owner gets sued after paying employee with only pennies

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against a Peachtree City auto repair shop owner who paid its employee’s final paycheck with only pennies. One of the employee’s received $915 in pennies. 

Pennies were dumped from a wheelbarrow onto one of the employee’s driveway. Each and every pennie was covered in oil or grease, which the employee had to clean off one by one. With the pennies the employee also received a note with expletives. 

The Department announced a lawsuit against Miles Walker, owner of OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City. Fox 5 reached out to Miles Walker, and over the phone he stated he paid in U.S. currency and did not want anything to do with the story. 

January 27 – Arizona hiker dead after photo attempt near mountain’s edge

On January 24 at the Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona, the body of 21-year-old Richard Jacobson was found dead by another hiker along a trail after attempting to take a photo too close to the edge of the path.

According to Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Doug Peoble, the event was simply a tragic accident. As there were no signs of drug use or foul play, it appears that Jacobson slipped and fell. The hiker who made the discovery, a friend of Jacobson’s, was very distraught and said that the body found 700 feet below their campsite.

The police were able to get a helicopter to the hiker, who was understandably emotionally torn up.

January 28 – Biden visits Pittsburgh bridge collapse site 

President Joe Biden stopped by a collapsed bridge in Pittsburgh Friday afternoon. The collapsed bridge was described as a symbol of worsening infrastructure in the city and the nation

Early Friday morning the Pittsburgh bridge collapsed leaving three people hospitalized and ten injured. News reported that no fatalities were reported and all victims were in stable condition. 

Biden promises that he will fix 43,000 bridges across the U.S. President Biden plans to introduce a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to help him accomplish this goal.