Looking back on KICs

Well Panthers, yearbooks are out. It is that time to look back, cringe, and make fun of the people who blinked in their photo. After you have finished signing other people’s yearbooks, take a look at these KICs. This week’s major news headlines included Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister resigning, a suspect being sought after injuring a high school classmate, National School Nurse Day, and a fire in California.

May 9 – Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister resigns after protests over economic crisis

Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka’s former Prime Minister, resigned after peaceful protests turned into violent fights, leaving citizens killed.

It began today in the town of Colombo, where pro-government supporters attacked peaceful protesters. The fight sprang an uprising in other towns across the country. They were setting vehicles on fire and because of everything killed five people.

Mahinda Rajapaksa was asked to resign in order to appease demonstrators who have been marching and protesting since March.

May 10 – Suspect sought after injuring fellow high school student 

On Tuesday morning at a Douglas County high school, a student fled after injuring another student. The incident happened near Alexander High School cafeteria at around 8 a.m. The incident prompted a lockdown that would go on until 10:15 a.m. 

The student who was injured was taken to the hospital for treatment of a puncture wound. The weapon used against the student is still unknown. 

The suspect remains at large. The investigation is still ongoing, but school officials and local law enforcement cannot confirm additional information. The injured student’s condition has not been released. 

May 11 – National School Nurse Day 

The United States celebrates National School Nurse Day to honor nurses for all the hard work they are doing. This became a celebration back in 1972. Nurses help people and kids in need and take care of them when they are ill. 

National Nurse Day is celebrated May 6-12, but National School Nurse Day is celebrated on May 11. National School Nurse Day is a celebration of understanding of what school nurses do for all of the students, and how difficult their job is. 

Every year there is a motto and a theme for the celebration of school nurses and nurses in hospitals. This year’s theme is “Bridging Healthcare and Education.” 

May 12 – Immense fire in California signals a ‘dangerous new normal’

A wildfire that overran a southern California city beginning on Wednesday destroyed 20 homes and damaged 11 others. The blaze prompted a local state of emergency, and, according to the local fire chief, indicated a dangerous beginning to California’s fire season.

With regards to weather, nothing abnormal occurred to invoke the fire. Wind conditions were ordinary and humidity was a similar case. Still, 200 acres were burned and several homes were lost quickly, which is not something that is typically seen.

According to Orange County Fire Chief Brian Fennessy, the fire was part of a trend in Western states that seemed to be fueled by climate change. Experienced local fire officials are seeing fires spread in unprecedented ways. What they are seeing today is surpassing any of their fire behavior predictions.