Hopping into KICs

With the end of this week comes the tail end of the semester. Every time we come back from spring break, the school year absolutely flies. Easter is also just around the corner, conveniently falling during the break! This week includes a call for assistance from Ukraine, clean up after the tornado in West Georgia, a Griffin man caught scamming, a train on fire in Minnesota, and the indictment of Donald Trump.

March 27 – Ukraine President Zelenskyy calls on Western allies

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called for assistance from the West to supply tanks and fighter jets for the Ukrainian military. Earlier this March, however, the Pentagon denied a proposal that insisted on sharing Polish fighter jets with Ukraine using a U.S./NATO base in Germany.

Ukrainian resistance, which is aided by the U.S. and other Western ally weaponry, has held off Russia from overtaking the capital of Kyiv. The West has already supplied Ukraine with Javelin and Stinger mobile weapons systems in efforts to help counter Russian tanks and fighter jets. Despite this, Zelenskyy believes that in order to defeat Russia, Ukrainian military forces need more than missiles and other defensive weapons, and have now asked for fighter jets.

President Biden has pledged to send $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine. This includes 100 drones, anti-aircraft systems, and shoulder-mounted anti-armor missile systems.

March 28 – Clean up begins following tornado

Soon after a powerful tornado hit West Georgia, clean-up started. At least 100 homes were damaged by the tornado.

The tornado hit on March 26. Winds topped around 145 mph, destroying multiple homes. Many were injured by this tornado, but nobody was killed.

Volunteer crews from Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief spent Tuesday helping with the damages on houses. The Salvation Army has also assisted by feeding at least 300 people since Monday.

March 29 – Griffin man scams car companies

Christopher Mauldin, a Monroe County resident, has been arrested and charged with making fraudulent car insurance claims on multiple occasions.

Investigators determined that Mauldin, 34, had submitted several repair documents to Silver Rock Incorporated, an insurance and warranty service provider for Carvana. The documents contained false claims and made up names and vehicle repairs that never happened. This ultimately led to Mauldin receiving approximately $6,500.

Mauldin was charged with five counts of insurance fraud. Mauldin is supposed to turn himself in on Friday.

March 30 – Minnesota city evacuated after train transferring ethanol derails

Early Thursday morning a train and 22 rail cars caught fire near the incident site in Raymond, Minnesota. The area within half a mile was evacuated.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated by the BNSF Railway. Multiple derailed tanks ignited, but no injuries have been reported. Ethanol is a flammable alcohol, which can cause nausea, headaches, unconsciousness, and irritation of eyes and skin.  

After the evacuation of the small Minnesota town, there are worries among the 5,000 residents regarding long-term health problems as a result of the fire. 

March 31 – Former President Donald Trump indicted

A Manhattan Grand Jury recently indicted former President of the United States Donald Trump, which precedes his arraignment to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

An arraignment date is still yet to be selected. However, the first appearance will most likely be very public. An arraignment is a chance for voluntary self-surrender which will result in a trial. 

Formally charged, Trump will have his attorneys to defend him in the trial, which will likely result in his release. The effect it will have on Trump’s campaign for the 2024 presidential election is nebulous yet most likely negative.