Read KICs instead of that test prep guide

Test prep! That is what we are doing. End-of-course exams start next week. But in case you are looking for something to do other than study, read these KICs instead. This week includes the imprisonment of a Russian opposition activist, a father of six killed in Atlanta, McIntosh honoring the life of late alum Baba Agbaje, the continuance of the Adderall shortage, and Biden’s new executive order for the environment.

April 17 – Russian opposition activist sentenced to 25 years in jail

Russian-British opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza had been spreading “false” information and criticizing the war in Ukraine, until he was found guilty for treason. Multiple other of Putin’s opponents have been arrested or forced to leave Russia for fear of their threat to the Russian political system.

The British-Russian journalist and politician has denied all charges against him. The judge sentenced Kara-Murza to 25 years in Russian jail and Kara-Murza was fined $4,900. Kara-Murza played a big role in persuading Western governments to recognize the corruption of Russia and its abuse of human rights. 

Kara-Murza’s sentence followed a speech he gave in the U.S. last year in which he accused Russia of war crimes when they bombed Ukrainian residential locations. This is the highest sentence any opposition figure has received during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

April 18 – Man arrested for murder of a father of 6 

Derrick Williams, 51, a father of 6 children was shot at an Atlanta supermarket. On the night of March 28, the police found Williams on the ground in the parking lot in a severe condition.

Paramedics showed up and brought him to the hospital, but Williams died shortly after due to multiple major injuries. According to the police department, Williams had gotten into a fight with Charlie Cooper, and the altercation escalated to a shot fired. 

A couple of days later, Cooper was seen at the Fayette County jail turning himself in for what he did to an innocent person. He is now being charged with multiple felonies. 

April 19 – McIntosh High School honoring life of alum Baba Agbaje

Last Thursday, 21-year-old McIntosh alum Baba Agbaje passed away while practicing soccer with Mercer University.

Agbaje played soccer, football, and track and field during his time at McIntosh. He was well-known in school, was voted both prom and homecoming king, and was a two-time state soccer champion. Many loved him for his kindness and charitableness. 

This Saturday, McIntosh High School and its community will celebrate the life of Agbaje. The event will be held at 2 p.m. in the McIntosh gym.

April 20 – Adderall shortage continues, causing pharmacies to turn people away

The nationwide shortage of Adderall started in October due to an increase in demand for the drug during the coronavirus. It has been seven months into the shortage, and while supply has improved slightly, it is still difficult for pharmacies to keep the medication, or its generic version, in stock.  

The shortage has affected many, from the people who take the medication to the pharmacies who sell it. People with ADHD have been forced to either switch to a new medication or wait weeks for their prescriptions to be in stock. The pharmacies who sell the drug have been affected financially by having to turn away customers or send them to different pharmacies.

The shortage could last for a few more weeks or longer. The FDA expects some doses to be back in stock in late May.

April 21- Biden releases new executive order for the environment

After the approval of a major Alaska oil project, many climate and environmental justice groups have been upset. In response, president Joe Biden will sign an executive order today which will make environmental justice a cooperative effort for every executive agency.  

The new executive order will encourage agencies to work closely with impacted communities in order to take care of the impacts of pollution on health. This would also require federal agencies to notify nearby communities if toxic substances were released from federal facilities in the future. 

Biden’s speech and signing of the order will be presented after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s proposals.