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Chilly, chilly KICs

Once again Georgia weather changes drastically. Kind of glad that we have defined seasons now, but it is super cold. Well, while you are trying to warm up, here are some KICs. This week includes war in Israel, 270 Florida residents returning home, a wrongfully convicted man being shot in south Georgia, Peachtree City council criticism, and President Biden discussing Israel and Ukraine Wars.

World – Israel and Hamas are officially at war

On October 7, militants from Gaza launched mass numbers of rockets at Israel towns, then sent troops far into Israeli territory. Israel has officially declared war and has started retaliating against Hamas and Islamic Jihad territories in Gaza. 

Isrealis and Palastinians have had conflict since Israel’s founding in 1948, and have fought several wars in the past. Israel’s military has advised all civilians in Gaza city to evacuate to the south. Israel has blocked the supply lines for food and water to the Gaza population, leaving many Palestinians in need of many supplies. 

This violence has caused more than 1,400 deaths in Israel and over 2,800 in Gaza. Officials are trying to delay this war from spreading into a long-running conflict that may spread into other regions of the Middle East.

National – 270 Floridians return home after being stranded in Israel

A Sunday flight landed at Tampa International Airport carrying 270 formerly-stranded U.S citizens from Israel. The flight contained 91 children and four dogs.

The Floridians had been in the Jewish state when Hamas began an attack on Israel.

The citizens came home after Governor Ron DeSantis passed an evacuation order to get the Floridians out of the war zone. After the people of Florida landed safely back home, DeSantis sent supplies to the impacted Israelis.

Over 3,600 people have been killed since the attack began. Thousands more have been wounded, kidnapped, and tortured.

State – Wrongfully convicted man shot and killed in south Georgia

At about 7:30 a.m. on October 16 in Camden County, Georgia, Leonard Allan Cure was pulled over and shot by a deputy.

Body cam footage shows deputy Buck Aldrige pulling over a speeding truck. The footage shows Aldrige demanding Cure to step out of the truck and put his hands on the truck. Cure obliges and steps out but does not put his hands on the truck. Aldrige demands that he puts his hands on the truck then Cure complies. A slight argument starts up between them and it causes Aldrige to stun Cure, and then after more resistance Aldrige shoots Cure in the left side.

Due to the shot Cure died from his injuries. Many people are upset because in 2004 Cure was wrongfully convicted of armed robbery, but in 2020 he was released. He had also recently received $817,000 in compensation.

Local – Council candidate criticizes Peachtree City Council

Peachtree City Council candidate Tamara Moore appears to have accidentally copied all the candidates for two council posts on her email reply to Stephanie Wagner.

In the email, she calls the current council members—with the exception of the mayor—”narrow minded and judgemental.” She continues on, stating they “have become the laughing stock of the metro area.” 

With election season upcoming, Moore’s email, received by an anonymous tip, could have a significant impact on the results. Voting for the mayor and city council takes place on November 7.

Politics – Biden addresses the U.S. as Israel and Ukraine wars deepen

On Thursday, President Biden sat in the Oval Office and delivered a 15-minute long speech, calling Americans to stand behind Israel and Ukraine in the midst of chaos. His speech addressed that providing military and economic aid to the countries is the core of global stability as well as national security.

Biden delivered this speech as he places in his request for $74 billion in assistance for the two countries. The money would pay for weapons and other military equipment as Israel responds to the October 7 attacks by Hamas and as Ukraine fights on in its 600-day war against the Russian people. However, he faces disapproval amongst members of both parties—the Democratic party who opposes sending arms to Israel and the Republican party who have questioned adding to the more than $100 billion already approved in military and economic aid that was sent to Ukraine.  

As the wars continue in both countries, Biden stresses the importance of lawmakers resolving their differences and coming together. He stresses that our country is the essential country, stating that American leadership is holding the world together, and that we are serving the cause of freedom.

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