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Sub-zero KICs

The weather is getting colder, Halloween candy is half off, and we are having discussions on whether or not it is an appropriate time for Christmas music. Welcome to fall, Panthers. While you are either trying to avoid Christmas music or playing it to annoy your friends, you should check out this week’s KICs. This week includes Russian protesters in Israel, an armed man in Colorado, Georgia appealing a judge’s redistricting order, the Senate discussing issues in Fulton County Jail, and Ohio voting on abortion.

World – Russian protesters storm plane from Israel

On Sunday, a plane from Israel landed in Dagestan, Russia. Upon landing at the airport, the plane was met with hostility and outrage from hundreds of people protesting its arrival. 

Russian news reports that protesters yelled antisemitic and racist words at those trying to storm the plane. The action prompted law enforcement to step in and close the airport. Videos are floating around social media showcasing the protesters trying to overturn a police car, waving Palestinian flags on the runway, and checking the passports of passengers coming from Tel Aviv.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear in an interview that he expects Russian law enforcement to handle the safety of not only his people but the safety of all Jews. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his opinion on the matter on X talking about how such things were common in Russia.

National – Armed man found dead in Colorado amusement park

Last Saturday, a 20-year-old man’s body was found in the women’s bathroom before Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, opened. He was armed with multiple guns and weapons. 

The wound seemed to be self-inflicted from a gunshot. Officials said it seemed like he shot himself, which possibly could have averted a major attack. The Garfield County sheriff thinks the man entered illegally the night before after the park had closed.

The body was identified as Diego Barajas Medina who lived in Carbondale. Since he was found, the park has remained closed.

State – Georgia appealing judge’s legislative redistricting order

Georgia was ordered by the U.S. District Judge Steve Jones to redistrict Georgia. He ordered that Georgia needed to redraw some of the congressional and legislative districts. 

Jones had issued a 516-page order to call for more majority Black seats at the federal level. Jones is asking for this in both of Georgia’s legislative chambers. Many states are currently contending with redistricting litigation including Georgia. Alabama is the most recent to be redrawn with Democratic support. Georgia has said it will appeal the judge’s orders to redraw the congressional and state legislative districts, but that it will not fight in court to pause the order. 

It is said that a special session later this month will happen to draw new lines. It has not been clear why the state is pursuing this strategy and neither Attorney General Chris Carr nor Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger have committed to the order. 

Local – Senate subcommittee to discuss problems at Fulton County Jail

State leaders are assembling for their inaugural subcommittee meeting to address the problems at Fulton County Jail. Concerns have risen because of over 10 deaths in the jail this year. 

Not only state leaders but the Justice Department is getting involved with this problem to launch an investigation. The goal for this investigation is to identify and resolve these issues within the facility. This occurrence has been going on for months, and now state leaders call for action. 

One of the individuals, LaShawn Thompson, was caught at attention initially being arrested for a misdemeanor charge. Her body was later found covered in insects. The first subcommittee will be held on November 2. 

Politics – Ohio vote on abortion amendment closes on November 7

Ohio residents are voting on an amendment, known as Issue 1, that would allow legal access to abortion in the state. Voting on the amendment will come to a close on November 7. 

The amendment would give the citizens of Ohio the right to make their own decisions when it comes to abortion. Supporters of the amendment argue that since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the proposal would restore a commonsense abortion protection most Ohio voters can support. In 2022, AP VoteCast polling found that 59% of Ohio voters agree and believe abortion should be legal. 

Non-supporters argue that the amendment does not stop at just giving people the legal option of abortion. Specifically, they have concerns surrounding the legal consequences of the amendment, the open-ended definition of reproductive healthcare, and how it will defend the rights of “individuals,” rather than just  “women” or “adults.”

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