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Happy Friday, Panthers! ‘Tis the week of love. After celebrating Valentine’s Day with your boo, make sure to check out this week’s KICs. This week includes a Canadian man faced with five charges of murder, Representative Justin Jones finding ways back into legislation, a school shooting at Benjamin E. Mayes High School, Chad Davison’s book talk at PTC library, and Trump’s legal battles continuing.

World – Canadian man faced with 5 charges of murder 

A Canadian man has been charged with five counts of murder for the death of his wife, three young children, and 17 year-old relative. Police revealed the murderer to be 29-year-old Ryan Howard Manokeesick.

The five victims died Sunday, at multiple crime scenes around the town of Carman. Sunday morning, Police responded to a hit and run, finding the woman dead in a ditch. Two hours later, officers responded to a report of a burning vehicle with the children dead outside of the car.   

Police took Manoakeesick into custody when the body of the teenage girl was found dead at a home in Carman. Autopsies are being conducted to gain more information about the murder.

National – Representative Justin Jones finding ways back into Tennessee legislation

Nearly a year after Justin Jones’ disruption, GOPs are still trying to expel him after failing the first time. Jones conducted a protest involving gun control with two other men, known as the Tennessee Three.

Lawmakers revoked his right from the congress floor after he described another legislature, House Speaker Comeron Sexton, as “drunk with power.” A GOP legislature filed a bill prohibiting legislators being expelled from the General Assembly while holding their seat for four years. Contradicting another legislature’s bill calling for a county legislative body from nominating the expelled member to fill their former seat.

Last October, Jones had filed a lawsuit against a speaker over expulsion votes and changes in rules. Jones was then stopped from speaking in August, after being ruled out by fellow legislators.

State – Shooting at Benjamin E. Mays High School

Earlier on Wednesday, Benjamin E. High School had a fight that broke out right after the students were dismissed to go home. The fight led to gunshots and people injured. 

Three 17-year-old boys and one 18-year-old boy were transferred to a hospital for treatment. After shots were fired, police quickly entered the school. Afterwards, they searched off campus for anyone who was not registered in the school who was there at the time of the shooting. 

All after school activities were canceled and detectives and police have been investigating. Students were allowed to come back to class the next day. 

Local – Chad Davidson to discuss new book at Peachtree City Library event

On February 22, author Chad Davidson will be at Line Creek Brewery to discuss his new book “Bring Out Your Dead.” The book talk will be free and open to everyone in the public.

Davidson wrote this book to pay a dividend to his father who died during Covid-19. He talks about how it feels to be isolated in one way, while losing everyone close to you. The book is about how we remember those who are gone, why their memories persist, and what summons them back into our thoughts, languages, and our lives. 

Davidson is the author of four collections of poems and two memoirs. He also directs the school of arts at the University of West Georgia. 

Politics – Ex-president Trump’s legal battle continues

More controversies arise as Donald Trump’s legal battle continues. As of last night new truths came out about the ex-president’s fight for his fortune and political career. It is believed that the upcoming months will lead to the nation becoming even more estranged as there are many strong opinions on the topic.

The jury selection for Trump’s hush money trial will begin on March 25. If he is found guilty, then there would be a convicted felon for the GOP nomination. If he is found innocent, then it could transform the election. Currently, Trump has pleaded not guilty and denied all accusations. Two of the prosecutors in the trial were put on trial themselves over a romantic relationship that many believe should disqualify them. If this is done, the trial will have to be completely turned upside-down, delaying the trial until after the November election. 

Trump’s lawyers have pleaded to the Supreme Court to stop the clock in the federal trial. The trial could turn and become a civil fraud trial. This could happen as soon as Friday and Trump is ready for this to happen. Not only is Trump’s fortune on the line, but also his political career.

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