Trump swings electoral votes in his favor, GOP regains control of Congress

Mitchell Smith, Staff Writer

This election year has certainly been an interesting one, packed to the brim with scandals, shockers, and history.

In what might be the most shocking upset in the history of United States politics, GOP nominee Donald Trump defeated the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.

Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win a major political party’s ticket, and Donald Trump became the first candidate to win the presidency without any military or political experience. Over the course of their campaigns, both candidates have drawn massive support from their constituents and an equal amount of criticism from their opposition.

Trumps’ unwillingness to release his tax returns, the 2005 Trump audio tape that had him making numerous sexist comments, and his unpredictable and compulsive behavior seemingly  discouraged voters early on.

Clinton is no stranger to controversy either. The FBI’s investigations into Clinton’s email scandal determined that she did, in fact, carelessly mishandle government intelligence labeled as classified. Despite the crime generally being a felony, the FBI recommended no charges.  Clinton has claimed to be for women and the LGBT community, but has accepted millions of dollars from middle eastern countries where women and LGBT persons are treated as second class, such as Saudi Arabia, ranging from $10-$25 million, which may have caused voters to doubt her intentions.

The presidential election has been getting the most new coverage, but two other major GOP victories are have also been won.”

— Staff Writer Mitchell Smith

It was well thought that Clinton was the favorite to win, but the results begged to differ. Trump’s unexpected victories came from last minute surges in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These surges served as the nail in the coffin for Clinton’s chances.

The presidential election has been getting the most new coverage, but two other major GOP victories are have also been won.

The GOP has taken back the Senate and House majorities, making it the first time George W. Bush’s first term that Republicans have controlled the White House and Congress.

So what does this mean for the future of America?

Trump has been promising a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, his famous wall, temporarily suspending Syrian refugee programs, and appointing a Supreme Court justice to fill the missing spot, left by Antonin Scalia.

In his victory speech, he promised to be a president for all Americans, and to work together with both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have followed Trump’s pledge, agreeing to put aside their differences and work together.

With Republicans controlling the majority of Congress and the White House, Trump’s presidential goals have become more of a possibility, and the next four years are shaping up to be ones of conservative values.

Even with these results, there’s still a major gamble on Trump’s presidency, but the forecast is calling for cloudy with a chance of GOP.

His lack of political experience and his tendency to lash out at his opponents has cast a large shadow of doubt over his ability to execute the responsibilities of his office. He has shown the capability to act presidential, but still has not proved that he will always be able to maintain his composure, and his every act will be criticized now that he will be president.

Trump has not laid out his full cabinet yet, only naming Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff, but it is vital to him that it is one of skill and respect, and has the capability to guide him through his presidency.

As the Chairman of the RNC, Priebus’s political experience, and the respect both democrats and republicans have for him, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Regardless of this year’s election, the action we need to take is not one of fighting or insubordination, but one of unity and cooperation.

Abraham Lincoln once said that a house divided cannot stand, and to this day those words still stand.

Our Senators and Representatives were elected for a reason, to serve the people. Fighting each other will not improve anything, and it is imperative that they work together to improve our country.