OPINION: Online Black Friday shopping is worth a try


Photo via Flickr (m01229) under Creative Commons license

Shopping for Christmas gifts is important, but going out is not worth it when you are able to have the same experience without leaving the house.

Simone Bates, Staff Writer

Even though it’s convenient to buy a lot of Christmas gifts, knick-knacks, and whatever else you could need at great prices, I feel like a lot of times, Black Friday takes away from the spirit of Thanksgiving.  

I would rather relax with family than worry about finding gifts.People should be able to shop on Black Friday in the comfort of their homes, buying presents for family members while still being around them.

Black Friday shopping can be chaotic. Sometimes this event can go over people’s heads.

Since such expensive items are sold at low prices people sometimes fight for it. In 2017, a man left Kmart with a shattered hip and a teen was injured at Missouri Mall.

It is faster and easier to find stuff online. In order to find something all people have to do is search on the toolbar on websites. They don’t have to go through large crowds to finds items that might be misplaced.

Companies such as Amazon have large amounts of electronic devices compared to the ones being sold in stores. Department stores only have a limited amount of items which can cause such a ruckus.

To lure more people to shop some stores open up on Thanksgiving. This cuts into time spent with family. Black Friday deals are hard to resist out on. Knowing the similar sales are online can help ease the stress.

If you were to drive by several stores you would seen tons of people camped out for the night. People are often sitting outside for hours in the cold. In the evening temperatures are way colder. On Friday the temperature is predicted to be around a high of 48 degrees and a low of 40 degrees.

Camping outside for hours in the cold can cause people to get sick. It is not a risk to take just to buy items cheaper.

Big box stores usually have both online and in-store sales, so customers can buy more efficiently depending on what they’re looking for. Items that will run out quickly in store can still be brought online. And when shopping online, you can just search for what you’re looking for instead of stressing about waiting in lines or not finding an item.

Black Friday shopping is a classic American tradition that is known for getting Christmas gifts at a discount. Most traditions are not changed, but online Black Friday shopping could be a new tradition to start.

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