Opinion: United we sit

America showing true patriotism through sacrifices made in response to COVID-19


Photo via Wikimedia Commons (Dmckelvey4) under Creative Commons license

Multiple flags hoisted across an empty public space. The Coronavirus outbreak has led to situations that people of the current generation could never have imagined. However, there are many reasons to believe in what we are doing is for the best. Our American pride is more evident now than it has been in a long time.

Nobody could have ever predicted the situation that we are living in now. Everybody is forced to their homes, multiple states are already on lockdown, the sports world is at a halt, and there is a collective fear of what is going to happen next. This is the reality that we live in now.

[H]ere we are — forced to stay home while medical professionals take the front lines against COVID-19.”

— Staff Writer Daniel Stackhouse

Due to the current situation, everyone has been forced to make great sacrifices. Many laborers have either had to work from home, or have to rely on unemployment insurance to gain some sort of income. Those not confined to their homes are the healthcare workers working tirelessly day and night to combat this pandemic, risking their own well-being to do so.

Personally, I was not only forced to take a temporary leave from my dishwashing job, but I had to say goodbye to the people I was previously able to converse with consistently. Losing the things I took for granted made me realize how important these things really are to me.

Opening a new week in isolation, I was watching an update video from my AP United States history teacher, and she made the point that what average citizens are doing is somewhat patriotic. After taking a minute to think about it, she was right.

Americans have not had a situation with these kinds of sacrifices since World War II. Normal citizens were asked to do things by the government in order to combat the crisis at hand. Everybody in the country subsequently fought together on the homefront in order to support the brave souls in the fight.

There can never be a true victory without being dealt heavy blows.”

— Staff Writer Daniel Stackhouse

Does that sound familiar? Seventy years later, here we are — forced to stay home while medical professionals take the front lines against COVID-19. We are all united together just by making the sacrifice and staying home, and trusting in those fighting on our behalf.

This is not the time to have any fear, play the blame game, or harbor any animosity toward our current situation. Embrace the fact we have millions of doctors not only in our country, but across the world, working nonstop for a solution.

There are many uncertainties about the future at this time. That, however, is precisely why we need to stay calm and have faith in the people on the front lines. As much as it pains us, there’s nothing we can do except keep trusting that we’ll be okay, and believe me, humanity will prevail.

As the numbers of those infected grow by the day, fear does nothing to mend the pain. People are struggling, but that’s just the way wars go. There can never be a true victory without being dealt heavy blows.

I feel for those in great suffering due to this pandemic, whether that be physically, mentally, or financially. Finding the positives in our current situation is tough, but they are there. With that in mind, I urge you to keep those people suffering in your thoughts and prayers while continuing to push on yourself.

It truly is not what I would want to be doing, but sacrifices are never what you actually want.”

— Staff Writer Daniel Stackhouse

Do not feel bad that there is nothing you can do. Embrace the fact that there are many out there working hard and doing something. And if you really feel the urge, find a way to help struggling businesses during this time. Better yet, trust the process and just stay home.

Through this I learned that pandemics are no fun. People are hurting, and I can’t do anything to mend that. It’s a feeling I am sure many people are sharing right now. I also know that despite what other people do, I can only do my own part to fight this fight. It truly is not what I would want to be doing, but sacrifices are never what you actually want.

Should we all do our part, and trust that our sacrifices will not be in vain, we are doing our job on the homefront of this war. Please, stay safe during this time. Know that we are all in this as one country fighting together. We can prevail, and we will prevail. Believe in the brighter future to come from our victory.

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