Opinion: Joe Biden’s language matters


Photo via Flickr (Gage Skidmore) under Creative Commons license

Joe Biden speaking at a political rally in Clear Lake, Iowa, in 2019. Biden needs to watch what he says before the consequences become insurmountable.

Joe Biden said it best: “220,000 Americans dead… anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

And yet, starting the second year of his presidency, Biden has had more than 400,000 Americans die under his administration, which is far more than his 220,000 goalpost, even with the vaccines, therapeutics, and proper COVID-19 testing. 

Biden has something more personal to worry about: his failing poll numbers.

— Staff Writer Ashton Lewandowski

If Biden had actually meant what he had said, he would step down immediately. Of course, he is not going to, but lying is just a part of a common trend with regards to Biden. Other countries are not going to take his word seriously when he cannot even be honest with the American people.

With the little he does say, he always seems to mess up. His latest, two-hour long press conference, was full of gaffes, misinformation, and was universally attacked across media outlets. Biden’s language matters. 

When Biden said to “Google ‘COVID test near me’,” when there is no proper collaboration with Google or readiness to ensure that the searches are legitimate, it causes problems. When he said this, it prompted an opportunity for scammers to use the President’s advice to start selling fake tests and setting up fake testing locations.

His failings with Covid is not the only topic Biden seems to struggle with. With regards to the divisive Ukraine-Russia conflict, after weeks of heated negotiations in order to cool tensions between the two countries, Biden said that the U.S. would not respond as heavily to another small incursion by Russia against Ukraine. Biden’s message sent chills throughout Ukraine, and gave an approval to Putin to invade. What he said was severe enough that Ukrainian President Zelensky felt compelled to send out a tweet claiming that there were no such things as a ‘small incursion.’

Biden has something more personal to worry about: his failing poll numbers. More and more Americans are disapproving of Biden. 55% of Americans believe that the Biden administration is not competent enough to be running the government. Biden’s misspeaking is definitely contributing to this. 

Biden also lashed out at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy over a question about inflation, calling Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch.” This incident highlights Biden’s lack of filter when it comes to what he says. 

Time and time again Biden causes completely avoidable problems just by speaking. Biden needs to realize that he has to be more careful with his words, before an international crisis is sparked because of it, or even worse, it costs his party in the midterms.

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