Caution: readers may experience deliria


Shelby Foster

“Delirium” is a breath-taking dystopian novel that follows Lena Holoway on a journey to discover her own happiness in a world free of love. Ex Libris, the Starr’s Mill book club, will be discussing “Delirium” in the Starr’s Mill Media Center on Oct. 4.

Dana Gould, A&E co-Editor

Most modern dystopian novels consist of a society that is obviously corrupt and characters that are strong-willed, sassy, and clearly going to overthrow it. This basic structure may be intriguing the first couple of times someone reads it but eventually becomes exhausting and predictable. “Delirium,” though it shares numerous similarities with other dystopian novels, gives a fresh take on the genre in a way that demonstrates what makes us all human.

Lena’s life appears to be going as planned until she meets a mysterious boy named Alex that not only disagrees with the cure but believes in love.

— A&E co-Editor Dana Gould

In a futuristic society, love has been proclaimed a deadly disease and has been almost completely eradicated. The government attempts to save everyone from the horrendous pain and suffering caused by love, or deliria, by forcing anyone over the age of 18 to be cured.

Seventeen-year-old Lena Holoway cannot wait to be cured and for the simple, predictable life that should follow. She desires nothing more than to trade her own burdensome life filled with painful memories of her mother’s illness and death due to the deliria for a life of order and happiness.

Lena’s life appears to be going as planned until she meets a mysterious boy named Alex that not only disagrees with the cure but believes in love. After meeting Alex, Lena begins to question everything she knows leaving her with a choice that could destroy her fantasies of a perfect little life. With only 95 days left until her own cure, Lena must decide between the uncomplicated life she has always wanted or the unspeakable: love.

“Delirium” is a beautifully written novel consisting of relatable characters, a detailed and impeccably organized world, and a stunning plot while also managing to exhibit our humanity.

The world itself is exquisitely constructed down to the tiniest minute details. The imagery also aids in better connecting the plot, characters, and the world so everything works in perfect harmony. It is truly a believable and amazing world that comes to life across the pages so the reader feels more as if they are watching a movie than engaging in a book.

This novel provides readers with a different perspective on the dystopian genre. It is also an entertaining story while giving readers the chance to learn something about themselves and life in general. This book also includes many common characteristics with other dystopian novels that fans will recognize and appreciate such as the ability to learn information about the corrupt society as the characters themselves discover it.

Eventually, like most books based on a well-known pattern, the storyline does become predictable, however, the book itself remains interesting and entertaining to the point it’s nearly impossible to set down.

“Delirium” is a breathtaking novel that truly allows readers to leave their own worries behind and become engrossed in the mystifying plot and characters. While there are a few sections in the novel that may appear similar to other dystopian novels, it is overall a worthwhile read that will leave readers rushing to pick up the second book.