Megan Miranda strikes again


Katie Linkner

Released on Jan. 29, “Come Find Me” is the newest novel by author Megan Miranda. This thriller boasts heaps of suspense, loads of mystery and more twists than a Twizzler.

Megan Miranda might just be the new queen of thrillers. Intricate characters, mysterious motives and bloody murder all keep drawing me back in again and again. Miranda’s newest novel, “Come Find Me” may be her best book yet.   

Readers begin clueless, yet enthralled by the story, and Miranda slowly unravels the complex web she has weaved.

— Staff Writer Sophia Bender

“Come Find Me” is told by two teenagers, Kennedy and Nolan, who live in neighboring counties.  Each of them have been through a terrible family tragedy and are dealing with the aftermath. However, after they each receive a signal of unknown origin, they must work together to figure out what this signal means and how their seemingly unrelated pasts might just be connected.  

It’s not Miranda’s first rodeo writing a murder-mystery, and her experience truly pays off in this book. Her presentation of every single detail gives an air of darkness to her books within just the first few pages. Readers begin clueless, yet enthralled by the story, and Miranda slowly unravels the complex web she has weaved. Her surprises throughout the book happen so quickly that readers get whiplash. When I finished reading, I was left reeling from so many turns.

What makes these plot twists so effective is Miranda’s brilliant misdirection throughout the story. Miranda is the master of mystery and suspense with the way that she reveals information. Some things she reveals are cleverly misleading, guiding the reader — and sometimes the characters — down the completely wrong turn. Others are only crumbs that give away very little and leave readers hungry for more.  

“Come Find Me” is an absolute roller-coaster of thrills that you won’t be able to put down. Kennedy and Nathan are compelling characters who provide a necessary contrast from the dark themes of the book. The back-and-forth narrative between the two of them is simultaneously a fulfilling narrative while also keeping the stakes high and readers left hanging in suspense.

Miranda’s book is fast-paced, dark, and the book to read right now. When this book stands among the likes of Stephen King and Agatha Christie, you’ll find yourself wishing you had read it sooner.