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Rick Wright: ‘No Country for Old Men’

Grace Maneein

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In this episode of “Panther Reads,” media specialist Rick Wright recommends the exhilarating “No Country for Old Men.” A book involving drug cartels and a wild goose chase, this book is an absolute page-turner.

Back with another episode of “Panther Reads,” we feature media specialist Rick Wright as he recommends “No Country for Old Men” by Cormac McCarthy.

“It’s a modern western story,” said Wright. “For anyone who’s seen the movie, the book follows the same plotline relatively well. It has a unique style of writing and strong male characters. I think it’s the prevalence of masculine energy that makes this book appealing to guys, in particular.”

“No Country for Old Men” takes place in the 1980s, near the Texas-Mexican border. Llewyn Moss, the main character, is hunting antelope when he stumbles onto the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong that has left all but one man dead, some heroin, and a great deal of cash.

[S]tudents need to learn that they cannot improve academically or in other aspects of their life without putting in hard work and determination.”

— Staff Writer Grace Maneein

“I picked this book because one of my students recommended it to me,” Wright said. “I’d read other McCarthy books and I’d seen the movie, so I figured I might give this a try.”

Featuring realistically flawed characters and a tense goose-chase, “No Country for Old Men” is an exciting, high-stakes adventure in every sense of the word. As a media specialist, Wright spends most of his life in the company of books.

“The valuable lesson from this book ultimately is the character flaws associated with getting something for nothing. For example, the main character takes money that is not rightfully his, and goes through a slew of negative events as a result,” Wright said.

This message also has a real-life application. Ultimately, students need to learn that they cannot improve academically or in other aspects of their life without putting in hard work and determination.

While skirting by might work short-term, it is crucial for students to develop good habits and time management skills in order to succeed in the future.