Formula for timeless films not complicated


Lily Murphy

Old and new films are arranged in the shape of a castle. Only a few of them will truly be considered timeless.

Saijleen Chawla, Staff Writer

There’s always that one movie that has been rewatched so many times, it becomes a part of a person’s life. These movies may have been made 30 years ago, yet students in high school still reference them frequently.

Movies that are as popular today as they were years ago are known as timeless.

All movies that have been considered a timeless movie have had something in common — a theme that remains relevant even today. Movies about labels, stereotypes, love, and success stories continue to inspire the newer generation and drive them to be like actors they look up to, though these people may no longer even resemble their TV personas as they once did 50 years ago.

The actors represent breathtaking characters, and their realism seizes the hearts and minds of their audience. No matter what age, ethnicity group, or economic situation, the audience is able to understand and relate to the struggles and situations the characters are going through.

But even if the conveyed message is universally received during a certain time period, many years from now morals may change. To win the battle of time, the messages must be relevant from now to the future.

In the movie “The Breakfast Club,” the message imparted was also one that could be universally received: stereotypes do not define a person into one category, for there are all kinds of people. This idea is still as valid today as it was 1985, though stereotypes may have altered throughout the years.

The movie “Princess Bride” may be cheesy, and also quite vintage, but the theme of finding one’s true love remains timeless. Love is an easily understandable concept in all types of movies and genres, because it is a goal every person aspires to reach. Love is very complex and there are many types of it, allowing it to be portrayed in very unique ways and themes. The way love is used can be influential of naming a film timeless.

Every movie gets its 15 seconds of fame, but for some movies, these 15 seconds become days, years, and sometimes decades. These movies have the potential to be considered timeless due to their masterful manipulation of themes that transcend generations.