Quinn XCII’s new album made ‘With Love’


Photo via Wikimedia Commons (KiloBravo12) under Creative Commons license

Hip hop artist Quinn XCII performing at Irving Plaza. Just after Valentine’s Day, Quinn XCII released his second album, a fantastic collection of music titled “From Michigan With Love.”

Kathleen Stephens, Staff Writer

One year after releasing his debut album, hip hop music artist Quinn XCII, also known as Mikael Temrowski, has released his second studio album, “From Michigan With Love.”

Temrowski has delivered major hits in the past few years such as “Another day in Paradise,” “Kings of Summer (feat. Ayokay),” and “Flare Guns (feat. Chelsea Cutler).” Leading up to this album, he expressed throughout social media how much he cared about it and how much hope he had for its success.

Temrowski started his career in his college dorm at Michigan State, which inspired the title “From Michigan With Love.”

He had nothing to worry about. Every single song on his album is nothing short of amazing, and he delivered this phenomenal work just in time for his North American tour.

The best tracks on the twelve-song album, which was produced in collaboration with singer/producer Ayokay, include:

“U and Us”

“U and Us” was track number four on the new album and I would consider it the best song on the album. This song was a slower, more elegant song that has a rhythmic beat, managing to evoke strong emotions with the sad lyrics. Listening to this song brings reminiscence on love, even without experiencing a first relationship.

If any song can make listeners upset over someone at something without knowing why, this is it. It would put anyone in a sad mood, since it’s all about trying to get a love interest to love in return.

On Spotify, every song on the album has a certain animation that plays. “U and Us” has a drawing of a man and a woman dancing until the woman disappears and the man cannot find her. This animation perfectly captures the song and is not only incredibly cute to watch, but helps draw listeners’ feelings out even more.

This song captures the feeling that even though everything is over, one still cares about an ex-partner and wonders what the person is up to.”

— Staff Writer Kathleen Stephens

“Holding Hands”

“Holding Hands,” featuring DJ Elohim, is a slow and chill song that is a perfect sing-along. It has perfect lyrics and a wonderfully soothing beat. This song is about first love and finally letting it go. Like “U and Us,” it brings memories back to one’s first relationship and the first heartbreak.

This song captures the feeling that even though everything is over, one still cares about an ex-partner and wonders what the person is up to. This song is the most emotionally drawn song on the album. The lyrics and how they are performed demonstrate how much heart and soul was put into not only the song but the relationship the song is about.


“Tough” is a rhythmic and a slow pop song featuring artist Noah Kahan. This song was released late January to get people more excited for the full release of the album. The lyrics in this song make listeners feel invincible. Whatever thing that has power over the audience is merely just mental, and they will get over it.

This song has so many layers to it that make listening to it enjoyable. The guitar that plays the entire song is so peaceful and blissful and the very beginning that comes with those first few chords brought me chills. Kahan and Quinn’s voices perfectly blend together and they each complement each other on this song.

“Good Thing Go”

“Good Thing Go” is spoken faster than most of the songs, but it’s not as upbeat. Instead of starting slow and picking up the pace at the chorus, it stays the same tempo throughout, only putting in a little drum beat during the chorus. Normally, I would not like this, considering the constant speed would be repetitive, but the way the lyrics are presented make this track anything but boring.

In this song, Quinn XCII talks about having the perfect girl and how he does not want to let her go because she is everything he ever needed. This song, despite not being the most upbeat, still delivers happiness because he finally found everything he wanted. This song perfectly speaks to anyone who has found a soulmate or any happiness in life.

For being a somewhat young artist with only two albums out, Quinn XCII has taken hold of the music industry. I have listened to him for years and have never been disappointed with his lyrics and singing.