Don’t sleep on Eilish debut album


Darkroom / Interscope Records

Billie Eilish’s artist photo that was made specifically for her new album. Even though Eilish has been an active singer since age 13, this is her first full-length album after releasing singles and an EP over the past few years.

Kathleen Stephens, Staff Writer

Almost three years after her first single release, Billie Eilish, the seventeen-year-old break out star finally dropped her long-awaited debut album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?”

Every song on this album is different from anything you could possibly hear from another artist but also unique in themselves. Artists tend to be repetitive as their careers progress, but she manages to add a special something to make sure they don’t sound the same.

The edgy yet beautiful album contains thirteen of Eilish’s songs and an intro track. Over the past year, Eilish’s music has captured the world’s attention for being catchy and scary. As the cover art may suggest, Eilish’s newest album is a little intense, but it’s never explicit. Each piece is worth listening to, but four standout songs deserve special attention.

“bad guy”

The most upbeat song on the entire album is “bad guy,” which is the only new song on the album to be released with a music video. Each song has a specific pace kept throughout the entirety, its either fast or slow. “Bad guy” is fast at the beginning but in the very end completely switches to a slower song.  

The second half of the song shifts the overall mood by changing the entire tune to something that sounds devilish and scary. The base gets loud and intense and just flips a switch in the song that changes how you feel about it.

“my strange addiction”

The most fun song on the album would fall to “my strange addiction.” The song’s lyrics deceive the listeners by making them think about a lover Eilish is obsessed with, but in truth the song’s about her obsession with the show “The Office.” It has quotes from the show threaded throughout the song. Eilish even said the dialogue does not specifically relate to the song, it was just included because of her overall obsession with the show.

[‘xanny’] is among one of the most chilling and scary songs on the album.”

— Staff Writer Kathleen Stephens

The song is fun while seamlessly mixing a popular show with her voice and it all just flows to be a soothing product. Rhythmically it is pleasing and everything about it is very strange yet amazing.


Eilish released “xanny” to comment on the excessive use of drugs in general. This song is among one of the most chilling and scary songs on the album. Eilish said the base is purposely supposed to make you uncomfortable to know how she feels when she breathes in secondhand smoke, which is the first line of the chorus.

This song has a peculiar setup in how the instrumentals work overall. It starts off slow and light but quickly shifts gears into a strictly bass instrument chorus. After each chorus, it fades off back to light and soft and then again leads to the overpowering bass.

In the end, “xanny” just leads to light slow and fades off to the end.

“listen before i go”

Possibly the saddest song to ever be released by Eilish is “listen before i go,” which is the third to last track leading to the final two tracks, ”i love you” and “goodbye.” A constant topic for Eilish has been her struggle with depression and mental health issues in general. “Listen before i go” is a suicide note in itself.

In the song, Eilish states that she wants to jump off the roof so she can die while seeing the world. She then says in the middle there is nothing to be done at this point because she has already decided that she is leaving. Her final five lines is her telling someone to tell her friends that she will miss them and she’s not sorry, but the final word of the song is “sorry.”

Eilish breaks new ground with this album, while staying true to herself.