Cardi B illuminates the crowd at Music Midtown


Caity Fox

Female rapper Cardi B performs on the Roxy Stage at Music Midtown. Cardi B, as well as Lizzo and Banks, were able to give phenomenal performances at this year’s Music Midtown Festival last Saturday.

Jordan Owens, A&E Editor

After four months of waiting, fans of Cardi B were finally able to see the rapper perform at Music Midtown. Personally, my expectations of what a Cardi B concert would be like were met, but not exceeded.

Unpopular opinion — the best part of Cardi’s show was the beginning. Opening with “Get Up 10” made many people excited because of the beat and her energy, but for me, it was what the song meant. 

As the second song of hers that I had ever listened to, this song is one of my favorites. Since I am the type of person who judges an artist on lyrics, and the fact that this song is based on Cardi B’s life, “Get Up 10” only solidified my love for her and her music. 

After she performed “Get Up 10,” Cardi B performed “Lick,” one of the first songs she ever put out as an artist. Cardi also performed most of the tracks from her album “Invasion of Privacy” and other songs where she is featured.

Though all the songs I wanted to hear were played, they did not feel like they had that special Cardi B energy. 

This could be because Cardi tried to sing too many songs in the hour that she had. I understand only singing her verses on the songs that she is featured in, but I was still a little upset that Cardi B just rapped the chorus on half of her songs. 

Though all the songs I wanted to hear were played, they did not feel like they had that special Cardi B energy. 

— A&E Editor Jordan Owens

Halfway through the concert, people were able to notice her becoming tired. They could see it was Cardi’s hype man that was keeping the energy in the crowd. It wasn’t until the end when she performed her chart-topping song “Bodak Yellow” where fans were able to get that Cardi B feeling back into the show. 

After the final song, Cardi B seemed like her energetic and happy self again, so much so she decided to come down into the crowd. As the fireworks went on in the background, Cardi B surprised her fans by coming off of the stage into the crowd to start singing and dancing with her fans. 

Besides Cardi B, other performances I enjoyed from the weekend were Lizzo and Banks. 

Before Saturday, I had no knowledge of the artist Banks, also known as Jillian Rose Banks, though after seeing her concert I could not stop listening to her songs. It was something about seeing Banks up on stage with just her microphone, the simplicity of it, that drew me in. 

Out of the whole weekend, I can say that Lizzo’s performance was the best. Unlike Cardi B, Lizzo was able to keep the same energy that made the audience want to keep standing and listen to her sing throughout her performance. With her flute playing and beautiful message of self-love, Lizzo’s concert was everything I hoped it would be and more. 

Even though Cardi B’s performance was not the best one of the weekend, it still included some of her top hits and set up other great performers.