Taylor Swift channels previous pop albums into ‘Midnights’


Shaila Bah

Taylor Swift has released her 10th studio album and it is one of her best yet. “Midnights” gives listeners another, even more personal, side of Swift.

Taylor Swift announced her 10th studio album at the 2022 VMA’s while on stage accepting an award for her music video “All Too Well (10 Minute Version).

During the acceptance speech, she surprised her fans with a release date for her next studio album. “I thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my brand new album comes out October 21st.” “I will tell you more at midnight,” she added.

Later that night, at midnight she announced her album would be called “Midnights” with 13 tracks. Throughout the wait for the anticipated album, her first “new” album since December 2020, she had bingo nights every couple of days leading up to the album to reveal the tracklist.

As of 12 a.m. on October 21, fans were able to listen to “Midnights.” I was lucky and Apple music released it five minutes early. The first track “Lavender Haze” instantly told me I was in for an incredible ride.

Not only was this the perfect opening track but it set the vibe for the whole album. This reminded me of being in the car after a concert in the city, with city lights on your face, and you and your friends reminiscing about the night you just had. 

“Midnights” was like “1989,” and “Reputation,” and “Lover” had a baby. There were elements of her previous pop albums all throughout the album. 

This album felt like she was finally becoming more real with us about things in her life, which is surprising since she has been telling us about her life since she was 16.

— Staff Writer Shaila Bah

This album felt like she was finally becoming more real with us about things in her life, which is surprising since she has been telling us about her life since she was 16. There were topics about insecurities, and going more in-depth about issues in previous relationships she once talked about in her songs. 

The track I was most excited about was “Snow on the Beach (ft. Lana Del Rey).” This ended up being the biggest disappointment on the album. Lana Del Rey was only in the background layered with Swift’s voice. 

If you have listened to Lana Del Rey before you can easily hear her over Swift. However, I was expecting Del Rey to have a full verse, but it never came. This is actually in the top five of my favorite songs on the album but I was expecting more from Del Rey’s feature.

Swift and her producer Jack Antonoff experimented a lot with the production of this album and it is evident in “Midnight Rain,” another favorite of mine. In the beginning, Swift’s voice is pitched down and it is different from anything she has done in her career.

Swift continued what she has been doing for all of her career but especially in her “Folklore” and “Evermore” albums where she gives a story with her words and helps listeners visually experience what she did even if they cannot relate. 

“Midnights” felt like it was for me, and by “me” I mean for the fans. With nods to previous albums and more transparent lyrics than ever before this album was real and different.

Check out “Midnights” by Taylor Swift on all music platforms. Do not forget to listen to the 3 a.m. version which includes seven extra songs. If you really enjoy the album go pick up the Target lavender disc or vinyl which includes an additional song not available on any streaming platforms.