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“Let Down”

Joslyn Weber

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The album cover for Autumn Boy’s debut single. “Let Down” was released near the end of September and carries a grungy vibe.

Drop your weekend plans and listen to the song “Let Down” by Autumn Boy right now.

Released Sept. 15 of this year, “Let Down” is Autumn Boy’s first single ever. Will Hopkins, stage name Autumn Boy, is a content creator on TikTok with 492,000 followers who has recently turned toward music.

The song starts with a deep guitar riff and some authentic sounding, vinyl-ish, cracks and pops that give the song a nice retro feel. For the verses, his voice stands alone and has a fuzzy sound. As the fuzziness continues into the pre-chorus, additional voices blend in to make them all sound more clear. 

Once the chorus starts, the guitars get louder and more grungy until the drums kick into full volume. The song is a sensational experience to say the least. 

This song always makes me want to scream the lyrics and jump around. It’s such an energetic and exceptional sound. It also re-introduces a grungy feel to 2020.

As one of my most favorite songs, I suggest you hop onto your favorite music-streaming app and listen to “Let Down.”