Quick Hit with Shaila Bah

“Daydreaming” by Harry Styles


Photo via Spotify

“Daydreaming” by Harry Styles brings a new meaning to “serotonin” with this ’80s-influenced track. These funky beats and striking vocal productions make you want to put it on repeat.

Shaila Bah, Staff Writer

Ever heard a glimpse of a song that just makes you want to get up from that slump you are in and move a few limbs? “Daydreaming” by Harry Styles does precisely that. You are guaranteed to be up dancing on your feet from the opening to the end of this melodically pleasing song.

“Daydreaming” is the ninth track to play on Harry Styles’ third solo studio album “Harry’s House.” This track details Styles’ longing to be with a partner and his inability to get enough of them. He details this desire by saying, “give me all of your love, give me something to dream about.” He needs at least something from them to keep Harry wishing for more.

The production of this song is the key factor in its likeability. The upbeat tempo followed by the chorus in the background gives the song life like many of Styles’ songs emulate.

“Harry’s House” was released May 20, 2022, almost three years after his second album “Fine Line,” which earned Styles huge numbers of success as a solo artist. With new levels of fame on the horizon, fans were itching for a new album and so he delivered.

When fans cut on “Daydreaming” they can feel a burst of serotonin running through their veins. The track has some ‘80s inspiration, and it samples a 1978 song ‘Aint We Funkin’ Now’ by Brothers Johnson. Harry is known for taking inspiration from previous eras in music and creating something great with his own touch.

Harry Styles is a former member of the English-Irish pop boy band One Direction. After half a decade of being in one of the most famous bands in the world, he quickly took a place as one of the most popular male artists of today’s time.

If you are ever looking for a song to brighten up that long day at school or work, listen to “Daydreaming.” You are guaranteed a good time for three minutes and seven seconds.