Michelle Genovese

Hayeon Choi, Staff Writer

“I like the quote by Nicholas Lobachevsky, ‘There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, which may not some day be applied to phenomena of the real world’.”


  • Grew up in Peachtree City
  • Graduated from McIntosh High School


  • Bachelor of Science (Math) and Bachelor of Music undergraduate degrees from Berry College
  • Master’s in math education from the University of West Georgia


  • Sponsors the math team
  • Teaches geometry and statistics

Starr’s Mill welcomes math teacher Michelle Genovese to the Starr’s Mill family. Before teaching at Starr’s Mill, Genovese worked 21 years at Sandy Creek High School. Starr’s Mill is the 2nd high school where she has worked as a full-time math teacher.

Her husband, Shad Genovese has been working here at Starr’s Mill for the past 14 years as a part of the English department.

Prior to this year, Genovese had already been teaching in the field of mathematics. Last year at Sandy Creek, she taught Analytic Geometry, Accelerated Analytic Geometry/Advanced Algebra, and Statistics.

She believes everyone has something to learn. “I love my students, and it is joy to watch the ‘Ah Ha’ moments,” Genovese said. So far Genovese has enjoyed the students, staff, fellow teachers, and supportive leaders here at the Mill.

“I have known that Starr’s Mill is a great place for a long time,” Genovese said.