Rick Wright

Jacob Hunt, News co-Editor

“I love working here. I cannot find one thing negative about this school. I can find things that aren’t perfect, but I can’t find something that’s negative.”


  • Born in Sandy Springs, Ga.
  • Spent most of his life in North Carolina
  • Taught history in various schools in North Carolina


  • Bachelor’s degree in education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Graduate degree in library and information science from the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Specialist degree in instructional technology from the University of West Georgia


  • Run the library for Starr’s Mill
  • Help run the Ex Libris Club
  • Design certain changes coming with library renovations

As Starr’s Mill welcomes new renovations and changes with the 2017-2018 school year, the media center welcomes its new media specialist Rick Wright. Originally, from Georgia, Wright spent most of his life in North Carolina teaching history at a collection of high schools. Now, he brings his wisdom and experience to the Mill to help run the library and plan the new renovations to be done in 2018.

“I want the library to be more user-friendly and to be more comfortable for the things students can do,” Wright said.

Wright has all kinds of new ideas coming to the school library. He envisions more technological opportunities, he hopes to provide more programming software on the computers, and even has a programming competition in mind to see who can recreate the famous Pac-Man game the fastest. He also hopes to see new sources of video production software arrive at the library.  

Wright also will be assisting in the library renovations for the coming school year. Using his own ideas and feedback from the parents and students, Wright is trying to turn the library into a new hub of knowledge. “My biggest goal right now is to get our design [for the library] finished,” Wright said.

Along with running the library, Wright will be taking over a part of the Ex Libris Club. Lela Crowder will be working with Wright to make the club as successful as it was when previous media center specialist, Leigh-Anne Hanie, helped run it.