Savahna Silvas

Ryan Allen, Staff Writer

“It’s important for students to learn who they are as actors and as human beings.”


  • Grew up in Mission, Texas
  • Graduated from Mission High School


  • Bachelor’s degree in theatre from Sul Ross State University
  • Master’s degree in education from Sul Ross State University
  • Master’s degree in counseling from Sul Ross State Univerity


  • Teaches Drama I, Drama II, Advanced Drama I, and Advanced Drama II
  • Sponsors Thespian Troupe 6412
  • Directs the fall play and the spring musical each year

Starr’s Mill welcomes Savahna Silvas with open arms to the Panther staff. Silvas teaches drama classes throughout the day. “I love how dedicated the students are, and it means the world to me that they want to be here as much as I do, “ Silvas said.

When Silvas was a young girl, she did not quite know exactly what she wanted to be. What she did know was that she wanted to be everything, jokingly and literally. The only solution is to become the one thing who can be everything: an actor. “I decided to become an actress so I could do it all,” Silvas said.

Silvas had her heart set on acting, so she chased her ambitions in college where she thrived in theatre. Throughout her time in college, she performed in multiple plays, acts, and musicals. “In one production, I was awarded best actress given by the director and the college. It was a huge achievement for me,” Silvas said.

A teaching opportunity was given to Silvas in her third year of college. She initially accepted the job until she graduated and moved on to Los Angeles to become an aspiring actress. She then found that teaching was a new love and wanted to pursue it. “Ever since starting, I love what I do, and it’s been a blessing,” Silvas said.

Silvas has stepped into the drama department with plenty of past success, so she has many challenges. She runs drama classes, the thespian society, one act plays, school musical, and improv classes throughout the day. “The students’ motivation and inspiration is what gets me going every day, and I’m grateful for that,” Silvas said.

When it comes to pursuing dreams and long term goals, Silvas wants to help her students achieve it to the best of her abilities. “These students are going to learn things about themselves, and I want to be there to help guide them,” Silvas said. “When you act out these characters on stage, you find out more and more about who you are which is a really neat concept.”

In her first few months of teaching Silvas feels right at home. “The environment here is so warm and welcome, so adapting was not a problem,” Silvas said.