Julie Lee

Ashley Irizarry, Staff Writer

“Don’t settle for mediocrity. Anyone can be mediocre.”


  • Grew up in Sylvania, Ga.
  • Graduated from Screven County High School
  • Moved to Fayette County in 1991
  • Has resided in Coweta County since 1993


  • Bachelor’s degree in home economics, merchandising, and advertising from the University of Georgia
  • Teacher certification from Mercer University


  • Works in the English computer lab
  • Assists in the media center

Starr’s Mill gives a warm welcome this year to Julie Lee, a new paraprofessional. Lee assists in the English computer lab and works in the media center. Lee is always motivated by the students at the Mill. “We all have those mornings when you want to sleep in. The students put me in a positive mood,” Lee said.

Lee was a kindergarten teacher for thirteen years before deciding to try something new in her career. “I realized that I wanted to get a master’s degree to work at a high school and get a high school experience,” Lee said. Before coming to Starr’s Mill, Lee worked at two public schools and one private school. She spends time outside work expanding on her education. “I study and work on my master’s classes,” Lee said.

After teaching kindergarteners for so long, Lee sees a significant difference in high school students. “I love the independence, coming from kindergarteners. I love their love of life and their excitement,” Lee said. She enjoys helping students and offers this piece of advice: “Always do your best, and push for excellence.”