Social technology club

Emma Posey, Staff Writer


  • To encourage students to interact and communicate with each other while doing something they love


  • Meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month
  • There are no fees or dues for members


  • Laura Harbin

Social technology club was started a few years ago. Its goal is to create an environment where students are able to interact with each other, eat snacks, and play their favorite video games for about an hour at each meeting. Special education teacher Laura Harbin has been the sponsor of this group for two years and looks forward to every meeting.

Because there are no fees to join, the club relies on donations to sustain its needs. A former student donated his Xbox 360 for the club to keep. Chick-fil-A corporation donated a television after Harbin wrote to them and asked for a grant. The members of the club are responsible for bringing their favorite games to each meeting so that everyone can share.

“What better way is there to bring kids together than by video games?,” Harbin said. With about six members, the club is looking to expand and welcomes all Starr’s Mill students to join.