Leslie Frey

Chandler Cummings-McBride, Feature co-Editor

My goal is “to have the front office be a welcoming and friendly place to all that enter our school.”


  • From Annapolis, Maryland
  • Attended Archbishop Spalding High School


  • Associate’s degree from University of Hawaii


  • Substitute teachers
  • Certificate of Attendance and Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program forms
  • Parking lot permits
  • Announcements
  • Copy machine maintenance
  • Fire drill reports


Starr’s Mill welcomes the new front office secretary, Leslie Frey. Although she has just begun her official position, Frey has been volunteering in the office for six years.

Frey filled the position after front office veteran Vicki Swaerkosz retired. She worked at the Mill for 18 years. With Swaerkosz’s absence, Frey said she knows that she has “big shoes to fill,” but, “so far, the transition has gone smoothly.”

Frey grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and attended the University of Hawaii, earning a general associate’s degree.

“I am looking forward to having a wonderful first year working at Starr’s Mill as well as getting to know all the students and staff,” Frey said.