Dana Clevenger


Bre Kozusko

Front office secretary Dana Clevenger joins the Starr’s Mill staff after a 21-year break from working to raise her children. She will share duties with Leslie Frey.

Hillary Baidoo, Staff Writer

Duties & Responsibilities                            

  • Assists with certificate of attendance
  • Arranges substitutes for teacher absences
  • Handles student parking passes


  • University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Majored in hotel management

New to Starr’s Mill staff in 2019 is front office secretary Dana Clevenger. 

Once a caterer, Clevenger has since decided to become a secretary because she was drawn by the opportunity to work but still spend time with her kids at home. 

“I like that I get to work with kids, adults, teachers, and students,” Clevenger said. 

Clevenger stayed home for 21 years as her kids — Emily, Reese, and Owen — progressed through their education. Emily graduated from Starr’s Mill in 2017. Reese will graduate next spring, while Owen is currently in seventh grade.

She previously volunteered in the front office for four years. When Leslie Frey, also a front office secretary, decided she wanted to go to part-time, Frey approached Clevenger and asked if she would be interested in splitting the role with her. 

Clevenger works three days a week, while Frey works two.

“This one fits into my schedule like being a mom, because when I did catering, I just worked the weekend and long hours,” Clevenger said. “Now I’m home with my kids when they’re off.”

Clevenger loves to read books based on romance and mystery. She also enjoys quality time with her family and dog.