Chase Penland


Bre Kozusko

Penland walks off the field from a game against Sandy Creek. Penland taught at Pike County for five years before he came to Starr’s Mill.

Caroline Hubbard, Staff Writer


  • Grew up in Brooks, Georgia
  • Graduated from Whitewater High School


  • Undergraduate in health and physical education from the University of West Georgia
  • Master’s in education from Georgia Southern University


  • Teaches health, weight training, and team sports
  • Coaches Junior Varsity soccer and football
  • Oversees in-school suspension for one period

Working for his old rival, Starr’s Mill welcomes Whitewater High School graduate Chase Penland.  Penland replaces Charlemagne Gibbons as one of the health and team sports teachers.

 “[Starr’s Mill] is the place to be in Fayette county,” Penland said. ”There are a lot of good programs here, the extracurriculars are great. I just knew it was the place to be and a good fit [for me].”

Penland was influenced from a young age to go into a teaching career as his father and aunt were both teachers.  Growing up with them as role models helped shape who he is today. 

“I told my family that If I hadn’t gotten a football scholarship to somewhere, I would have gotten a degree in wildlife and plantation management,” Penland said.

In his free time, Penland is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish.