World Languages Department

Kate Chasey, Staff Writer



  • To immerse students in a new and foreign language
  • To encourage students to take on a new skill
  • To introduce students to the various real-world applications
  • To develop real-world linguistic skills
  • To provide a possible career foundation



  • Nine teachers
  • Four language pathways
  • Spanish teacher Brandi Meeks is the foreign language department chair


Pathways and teachers

  • Spanish – Meeks, Laura Alldredge, Jaye O’Brien, Madeline Rodriguez and Marcela Sample
  • French – Marie Scott
  • German – Antonela Kljajic
  • American Sign Language – Julie Karneboge


The World Languages department enables students to broaden their knowledge on different languages spoken around the world including Spanish, French, German and American Sign Language.  “We have so many kids that travel, so they see the relevance [of learning a language] to begin with,” Meeks said.

Meeks’ long-term goals for the department is “to have more kids continue on to the upper levels, continue through college, and use it in whatever profession they choose.” She said that she hopes to bring the world closer together and see students use the languages they have learned.

One of her favorite parts about working in the World Languages department is that the “department is really close, we work well together, we get along, and it’s more of a family atmosphere,” Meeks said.

After being the department chair for 13 years, Meeks has gotten the opportunity to see the department flourish. “It’s neat. I like working together with people,” Meeks said.  “It’s fun to see it all come together.”