U.S. should keep troops in Afghanistan

Drew McCarthy, Staff Writer

President Joe Biden followed former President Donald Trump’s footsteps in removing American troops from Afghanistan. This is problematic, and for critical reasons. 

The U.S.  have been in Afghanistan due to terrorist threats. WSJ.com explained this: “Imagine outsourcing our national security to the Taliban. To expect the Taliban to police al Qaeda and ISIS is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. It’s only a matter of time before another civil war.” 

To prevent the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, we must keep the status quo. We can prevent a civil war by staying put.

America should keep its troops in Afghanistan and defend powerless people from their oppressive conquerors.”

— Staff Writer Drew McCarthy

Jim Ortte, a government contractor who has been involved in world security for over 30 years,  told 7News, “Once U.S. troops and NATO troops leave, it’s unfortunate but I believe the vacuum of insurgents and Taliban then will begin.” 

The Taliban are dangerous for two reasons. They are powerful and oppressive, a potent duo.

Let’s not forget the oppression of Afghan women. The treatment of women under Taliban control is sickening. 

Refworld.org writes, “Women used to hold very important positions in society but now they aren’t allowed to work, go to school or even wear the things they want to. Women are sometimes beaten for no other reason than the fact that they are women.” 

Although women are oppressed under Taliban control, it would be even worse with a war going on. According to JSTOR.org, “Civilians usually account for around 50% of war deaths.”

Terrorists fighting each other may be helpful because it will take care of other problems we might encounter with the other terrorist groups we are against, killing civilians is not. The cost of those innocent lives is too great a risk.  

Why would we turn our backs to the women and children who need our help to survive? It would just be a heartless thing to do. America should keep its troops in Afghanistan and defend powerless people from their oppressive conquerors.