Cheers to the success of Fayette-Coweta Kickoff Classic. Sandy Creek’s 24-3 win over Northgate and Starr’s Mill’s 28-14 win over Newnan gave Fayette County teams a 2-1 win. East Coweta defeated Whitewater 41-24.

I’m personally most excited for the birdwatching club.”

— Cheers

Cheers to nearly a month of the school year done. Only 9 more to go!

Cheers to Panera’s free coffee for a month subscriptions. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve stopped by before school for free coffee. The best pick me up! 

Cheers to the Pfizer vaccine being FDA approved. Here’s to hoping that more people continue to get vaccinated or take the proper precautions, so we can get back to normal.  

Cheers to all the new clubs at Starr’s Mill. It is great that the students are getting opportunities to explore their passions. I’m personally most excited for the birdwatching club.